Speed 3 Terminator Control

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Speed 3 Terminator Control

Postby TheStuboy » April 5th, 2006, 1:23 pm

This is also on my Myspace blog and was posted there first but I thought you guys would enjoy this true story:

The students at the University of Utah would never expect anything from their bus route other than the bus being extremely late in the pouring rain and wind that whipped up lighting to strike the tallest building on campus. No, they would not suspect none other than Robert Patrick as their scary and methodical driver that fateful day.

Speed 3 Terminator Control begins on the campus of the Unversity of Utah, where Robert Patrick just happens to be giving a speech on the movie Firewall and his crusty performance, when all of the sudden, a lone Stuboy breaks into the auditorium unannounced. This enrages Patrick, who starts screwing up because he is a beatforce and can't help it. This brings about a mass panic in the crowd, as the beatforce Patrick finds a Mantha in the audience and proceeds to beat. He then busts out of the social work auditorium and hijacks a blue route bus on its way to the business loop. Unbeknownst to Robert, but knownst to us, the same Stuboy that accidentally entered and caused the beatforce problem is waiting to get on the bus at the business loop. Robert doesn't notice the Stuboy until a few stops later and he starts screwing up again, nearly crashing into a few cars who stupidly run red lights on Ballsatch Blvd.

Its a 20 minute thrill ride with one close call after another as Robert Patrick commandeers the Blue bus making sure he stops at every single bus stop, so people who know what is going to happen can escape. Once Patrick has the Stuboy alone, he proceeds to throw him out of the bus and watch scarily as he runs away.

Robert Patrick then takes the bus for one last scary glance through a window while the Stuboy is walking (up the stairs) to his dorm room.

This is Speed 3. Terminator Control.
Starring Stuboy, Mantha and Robert Patrick as the T-1000b reprising his role from Terminator 2 and Firewall.

---This is honestly a true story, it just happened 15 minutes ago. Robert Patrick was my bus driver this morning.
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