Failure to Launch - (Failure to Fart)

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Failure to Launch - (Failure to Fart)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » March 26th, 2006, 6:23 pm

Speaking of the UBSTUdios title to this movie (Failure to Fart), I have no problem with that one. It seems like where ever I go, I always have the power to puff or flatch. Speaking of the movie, it should be called "Failure to Entertain".

The movie stars some of the worst actors and actresses in movie history. Ok, so Matthew McConaughey has a Texas like swagger to his voice and some women (and hea men) dream about spending a night at Matthew's house. The problem is, Matthew lives with his parents who happen to look like Kathy Bates and former Pittsburg Stealer, Terry Bradshaw. The other problem is Matthew is 35 years old and has old blue balls. He also likes to look at Terry Bradshaw's wang and butt.

Such is the premise of this movie. Now Matt's Wa parents hire the obnoxious and annoying and badly talented Sarah Jessica Parker. Some one needs to tell her she can't act. And if you heard her high pitched scream, (especially during the Cha-Ching scene) then you would seriously hope that an anvil would fall out of the sky and end it all. I heard from IMDB that Matt and Sarah did not get along...I wonder why?

And so, Matt, using his stu friends to help him through animal attacks and dorky head moments, meets Sarah who basically PT's Matt into thinking she has the hots for him. Matt slips in his Willie when she isn't looking and they fall in love...awwe. But, like any typical Romantic Comedy, the jokes get old, the acting gets bad, and the animals attack.

Such is the story of this movie. I think I only honestly laughed maybe once. My woman seemed to like it more than I did. We saw it at the Grand Theater in Oakland (Leeroy's future home) and it was one of the biggest theaters I have been in. It has only 4 theaters but two of them are huge. Anyway, I give this movie 1.80 stars out of 4 because it wasn't that funny and the jokes got old after a while. The only redeeming quality of this movie was Zooey Deschanel who used her bitchy ways to PT some guy.


Matthew: "Ok director, I will act because I am Mathew and I have a big sweaty muscular body and woman flock to me. I also like to play bongos naked while smoken the weed." But the only reason I am smiling in this shot is because my hands are only 1 inch away from Sarah Jessica Parker's breasts.

Sarah: (In a little girl laugh) "Hee hee hee....Is that your cell phone in your pocket or did you forget to take that sock out of there...hee hee hee"

Matthew: "Shut up Sarah, I am Matthew McConaughey and I have a lake in Nebraska named after me. And no, that is not a cell phone in my pocket or that sock I usually put in there."
Harry: " Whoa, Jesus, Check out the butt on that one."

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