Stay Alive (Stay Away.....from this movie)

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Stay Alive (Stay Away.....from this movie)

Postby TheStuboy » March 26th, 2006, 4:45 pm

Even if I did go see this movie at 7:20 last night and even if the audience was extremely into the film (negatively) and still even if I was with an undisclosed woman, this movie 'Stay Alive' could not and will never be a considered a good movie.


A bunch of dudes who know eachother fairly well find a copy of a video game known only as "Stay Alive". They start playing it but notice something different about this game. For one, the graphics are better than any video game on the market today, and the other is, it begins with a weird prayer that for some reason, has to be chanted before the game starts.

As everyone settles in on the net including my good friend Adam Goldberg, they start to notice that this is no ordinary game. Unfortunately Adam finds that one out first, a major dissapointment.

So the basic idea is, if you die in the game, then you will most likely die in real life shortly there after. Sound like an interesting concept? Thats what I thought, but its done baddly in this film.

Anyway, everyone but three people corpse, including a very stu detective with a Call of Duty 2 obsession. Its up to the remaining members of the cast to find a way to beat the game, can they make it in time? Can Frankie Muniz carry the rest of the film without Adam? The answer was no.

End of spoilers -

While Stay Alive feels like an hour and a half long video game, it sure lacks any structure as far as story and plot. Okay so we know a bunch of people get corpsed, no one seems to care about that.

What really pissed me off about this film is that they (SPOILER) killed off Adam Goldberg so quickly. He literally dies 15 minutes in. From the previews you think he has a much larger part, but it just doesn't happen. He is a talented actor and did not deserve such a small role. Maybe he knew the movie would tank and just said, kill me off first.

Frankie Muniz is different in his role here. The entire time he is on screen, you expect something funny to happen given his past career, but it doesn't happen. He can not seem (and mostly isn't even present) to carry the movie anywhere. In fact, none of the cast members carry the movie. This film had so much potential but never reached it.

The audience agreed with me that there was no need for a lame kissing scene towards the end either. It was hilarious hearing everyone go "Come On!!"

The plot and story of Stay Alive are thin as heck, and it sure shows through this movie. All of the actors wasted their talents on this heap of garbage, but most notably, Adam Goldberg. Poor guy!

Several key things that ruined this film:
Adam Goldberg corpsing and not returning.
Predictability on a scale I've never seen before
Playstation controllers for a computer? Come on!
Lame story, not scary at all!

Stay Alive gets 1.7 stars out of 4 and is one of the most dissapointing films of 2006.

"Look the review for Stay Alive is on the Ubstudios forums" "Geez, he didn't like this movie did he?" "Well I'd have to agree, I miss Adam Goldberg!"

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the "Inside Man" review, and be sure to listen to the show on Friday for this and that reviewed.

That reminds me, this week's show will be put online today. Sorry about the delay, but it doesn't help when your entire Saturday is taken up.
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