Saw - (SawURbutt, SawURbutt for gooood)

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Saw - (SawURbutt, SawURbutt for gooood)

Postby TheStuboy » February 16th, 2006, 1:37 am

I'm going to keep this brief because of how late it is but I just finished seeing "Saw" starring Carey Elwes and of all people, Danny Glover.

This movie contains the mother of all plot twists (of which I won't reveal, you'll just have to look out for it), and it was nicely done at that. While parts are slow and sluggish, and even unnecessary, the film is rather entertaining, and has many flashbacks/forwards that help us go OHH YEAH THAT GUY IS THE KILLER. Just wait though, it gets better. Also, this film stars the aging (gettin' too old for this shit) Danny Glover. You can't go wrong with him in a film, honestly can you.

Saw gets 3 stars out of 4. This is mostly for the mother of all plot twists, and the heavy reliance on story and shock value creation (although like I said, some of the scenes were pretty kang.)

Charlie and the Pass Gass Refinery is next in my Flatchflix queue.

EDIT - That makes 2 films in similar genres I have seen today. Hea hea.
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