Coldplay:A Head full of Dreams (A rival band of Coleflatch)

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Coldplay:A Head full of Dreams (A rival band of Coleflatch)

Postby TheStuboy » November 14th, 2018, 11:18 pm

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams is more than just an average concert film. This is a retrospective on the past 20 years of one of the biggest artists from the UK and one that I warmed up to over the course of the 2000s and 2010s. It all started with Yellow, which at the time I thought was a solid song, but was overplayed. Flash forward to Viva La Vida, which is still very high on my list of their best albums. Since I owned that album, I decided to explore the rest of their catalog. I think I got X&Y on CD first, followed by Rush of Blood to the Head on vinyl. Then, I got Parachutes and Mylo Xyloto. Finally, I got both Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams at the same time. I had only heard the singles from the albums on the radio and some were very miss for me at the time, especially "Adventure of a Lifetime", which was originally titled "Legends" according to the film. But that's the thing about Coldplay. The power of these songs draws you into them more. Mylo Xyloto aside (probably their weakest album), each of their releases has grown on me over time. The film documents their releases in order from 1999 to 2015, and shows you background you probably didn't know. The struggles, the moments of greatness... Chris Martin's divorce with Paltrow that lead to Ghost Stories being a kick ass album... and it's all centered around A H F O D. I saw Coldplay in August of 2017 on this tour at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Hands down, it was the best concert I've ever seen, and it will be very hard to top it. I love their music. IDGAF if you think that makes me less of a person because I like Coldplay. So what. They're a solid band, and so is this film. My worry is that AHFOD is their last album, as hinted at near the end. I don't know though. Considering Chris Martin thinks everything they do is shit and that they get better with every album, I think we're not done yet. We just may have to wait a bit longer to see their next product. I believe they still have albums in them. Whether or not they can top the masterpiece that is AHFOD is debatable, but it will probably be great regardless. The film is well put together and is very watchable. I enjoyed getting to know the band better. It will be available on Amazon Prime starting tomorrow. This was a limited theatrical release. We saw it in St. Michael, MN at a huge theater with a restaurant and bar. I give the bar 2 cheeks up and the film five out of five. Best concert film I've seen in a long long time.
Image Coleflatch of the late 90s.
Image Coleflatch today.
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