Deadpool 2: Deadweaker

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Deadpool 2: Deadweaker

Postby TheStuboy » May 21st, 2018, 1:00 pm

Last night the Nelnie and I took in the latest superhero film that isn't Avengers related, Deadpool 2. Being big fans of the first film we were anxiously awaiting the inevitable sequel to drop after two long years. In between that time such films as Wonder Woman and Logan have dropped. So has Black Panther, which is another film I can't understand the hype of. Logan and Wonder Woman were entertaining, Black Panther was just long and confusing.
Deadpool 2 combines some of those elements.

If you've seen Deadpool 1, don't go into this film expecting to see anything groundbreaking. This is a retread just with a different bad guy.

Spoilers: Deadpool 2 picks up some time after the first film with the Merc With a Mouth going international, shinging his way across the globe. Then he comes home to Vanessa who has an incredibly short part in this film, although the reason for that is a big plot point.
So Deadpool gets arrested for trying to save some kid and is taken to a mantha torture center for mutants. He and the kid are locked up, but unknown to them, Cable (Josh Brolin) is out to kill the kid. Ballwarz and teabagging ensue and the plot moves forward...

Here are some things I took away from this film in comparison to the first one.
Deadpool 1 was a lot funnier. The jokes came in almost every scene. For #2, the film's tone has shifted considerably to more of a drama with moments (not enough) of comedy sprinkled through. I wonder, had Tim Miller stayed on as director, if this would have been closer to the first film.
Deadpool 2 is a lot busier character wise. There are still the staples from Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead but there's also now Cable, Domino, and a assorted others who round out the cast. Blind Al and the bartender guy are back although neither are as funny as they were.
Deadpool 2 feels longer. Wah might look at her watch during this film if she ever sees it in the theater. It isn't necessarily slow, just longer.
Deadpool 2 doesn't feel as fresh as the first film, nor is it anywhere near as funny as I already mentioned.
I kind of felt like this was forced, as if they were trying way too hard. Maybe Deadpool should have remained a one off film. However, with the box office take of the sequel, I'm pretty sure we're going to see Deadpool 3. As of this writing, the film surpassed Avengers: Infinity Ballwarz but it hasn't overtaken Passion of The Mantha Torture Center like the film mentions it wants to. I'm sure it will with overseas markets. With Hands So-Low coming out next week, I expect these two to go head to head (and butt to butt).

Like the beginning credits said, I didn't expect nor necessarily care for the huge event that happens within the first five minutes. Granted that event is fixed by an end credit sequence (spoiler), but I still think they could have gone with a better story. Josh Brolin did good but he's not much of a comedy actor and that shows, although I think that had more to do with character than anything else.
Would I own it? Probably, simply because the first film was so much fun.
Would I watch it regularly? Probably not as much.
Would my wife still fall asleep during it and snore? Yes she would.

Deadpool 2 gets 3 stars out of 5. It's entertaining but does not come anywhere near the first film in terms of quality and comedy. Ryan can do better. I do admit the end credits are funny, and the film has its moments, just... as I said before, not enough.
There's an upside down pass gass refinery in this film too.
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