Where Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why Could Go?

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Where Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why Could Go?

Postby TheStuboy » May 7th, 2017, 8:45 pm

I don't usually get involved in a show as much as I have 13 Reasons Why and there are a lot of reasons why (pun intended) the show resonated with me as much as it did. For one its subject matter is very personal to me, and I've seen the effects of suicide and its not only incredibly depressing, but at the same time, it is fascinating. I mean that in a sort of odd way that I want to understand what makes people think that their lives mean nothing. Hopefully that makes some sense.
So the past month or so we have been watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It is one of the most talked about shows in recent history, and dare I say made more of an impact on me than my beloved Walking Dead. The show currently sits at #1 on my best TV of 2017 list at this time. It will be hard to beat it.

So what happens at the end of season 1? Well we all should know where the show ends up logically. That being said what follows is major spoilers, so if you have not watched all 13 episodes, do not pass go, do not read after this. Unless, of course, you don´t care about spoilers.

So I have been thinking about possibilities for the second season, which was just announced today via Facebook and Selena Gomez´s instagram page.

Here are some possibilities:
1) Tyler was last seen admitting guilt about the tapes, but prior to that he had a small arsenal in his room of guns and ammo. A school shooting, which is pretty much implied, would certainly not last just one episode. I could see that being the premise of the entire second season. A school shooting happens. Who are the victims? Clay, Alex, Justin, Bryce? Everyone who picked on him?
2) Alex either shot himself in the head out of guilt or Tyler shot him.... OR JUSTIN SHOT HIM. I doubt the latter happened because it doesn't fit Justin's character but it is up in the air at this point. We do not know what happened to Alex. This could set off a whole new avenue of stories or the second season could follow Alex entirely.3) Jessica lied under oath, but then confessed the rape to her father (we think). We aren't shown the repercussions of lying under oath. Sooner or later, the prosecutors and everyone else is going to hear the tapes and know what happened. She is screwed either way.
4) Bryce... of course we all know where he is going. Jail. Rightfully so. Clay provided Mr. Porter with enough evidence alone to bring him down. He didn't hear his tapes because Clay was smart enough to skip over him. He doesn't know the gravity of the situation despite what is in his mind alone. He also doesn't know that Clay taped his confession. This could get interesting.
5) Mr. Porter. Given how he acted with Hannah in the final episode, his job is certainly in jeopardy. Any counselor in their right mind would not allow a student who tells them they want to hurt themselves, to actually leave. He didn't do his job. He is just as guilty as the other 12 people (or is it 11 since Clay didn't do anything).
6) We didn't see the depositions from the other students in their entirety. There are still many bits and pieces that could come out of those.
7) Speaking of which, I think the school lost the case the moment the students admitted to the tapes.
8) What becomes of Justin´s character. He started the show as a complete douche, but the more you get to know him the more you see why he was the way he was. Does he really run away. Where does he go? We didn't see his disposition. What does he have to say about Hannah?
9) Back to the case, what happens now? We don´t see the end of things. The second season could pick up right where the first one ended with the case likely going to trial. I think we all know who should win.
10) What about Hannah´s parents. They were fixing to close their store and/or move away.
11) What happens with Clay and Skye, and also Tony... or anyone else for that matter.

What I would not like the second season to do if possible is completely remove Hannah from the show. It would be stupid to focus on a whole new person. Any of these scenarios or all of them would be a good start. The writers are free to steal my ideas but only if they give me proper credit (written with help from Ubstudios.com). If I think of anything else I will edit this post but those are my thoughts for now.

Also, I do NOT think the show glorifies suicide. Granted, as my room mate would say, we are beyond that age and we are looking back. That being said had this come out when I was in high school I am not sure how I would have felt about it. I may not have watched it either, since I wasn't big into TV at that time and Netflix didn't exist. Yes I am that old. What I do give the show credit for is bringing the subject to light. Suicide is still very taboo, obviously, and there are good points from both sides, and yes (MAJOR SPOILER) the suicide in the 13th episode is incredibly graphic and intense. BUT... we all knew it was coming. Could it have been shown differently? Yes. Would it have the same impact? No. If nothing else, at least people are talking about suicide now. I wonder if there is a way to work this in to a curriculum to show students that they do matter, and they should seek help. Granted the big premise of the show is that everybody let Hannah down, but there is help and there is hope. You should always consider that you do not know what is coming next. What would happen if you were to kill yourself and the reason you did so magically vanished the second after. You would never know. You would never have a chance to live and see it through. Keep your chin up. Seek help if you need it. YOU MATTER!

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