Stuboy's Best (and Worst) of 2015

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Stuboy's Best (and Worst) of 2015

Postby TheStuboy » December 17th, 2016, 5:15 pm

2015 was an odd year. It started in Sheridan, and Melanie and I lived in the trailer. The Chevball was getting his feet wet with us (and getting his beats too), and we were seeing ghosts both in cat and human form (I never saw the man but I did see the cats, including one on my pillow that moved when I moved the pillow). Anyway, in 2015, we saw a lot more movies, despite me being unemployed for a good chunk of the summer. It was the year we moved to St. Cloud, MN, and the year we started a new hobby, Geocaching. Geocaching has taken over a lot of my time and it's one of the best hobbies I think I ever picked up. It often goes hand in hand with dxing. Shoot, I'm ramblin' again. Lets count down Stuboy's favorites and stinkers of 2015. I still have yet to see some of the movies stu saw.

1) The Revenant (Leo gets mauled by a bear in a roller coaster tycoon setting while I watch - oops that's Adam Goldberg).
2) Jurassic World (Bryce Dallas Howard has the same look throughout the whole film and Chris Pratt can tame the Raptor - that one when she looks at you, you can see she's working things out).
3) Star Wars Episode 7 (Ball Warz Episode 7 - Han and Ben Solo play a game of shing through the gut on a platform while Chewie watches and does nothing).
3) (Tie) The Martian (Maaattt Daaamooon sciences the shit out of shitting on Mars)
4) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - Sarah Palin goes rogue and Tom Cruise runs while swimming)
4) (Tie) Kingsmen: Secret Service: Gratuitous Butt Shot - nuff said.
5) Spectre (James Bond visits a strange building and his flatch causes what is supposed to be the biggest explosion ever filmed)
6) Inside Out - I really liked this film. Pixar (mostly) can't lose.
7) Furious 7 - A fitting tribute to Paul Walker that made me tear up at the end. Sad day.
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The Stinkers of 2015 in no particular order:

Vacation - Fat Chevy Chase and Plastic Surgery Beverly D'Angelo can't save this unfunny flatchfest reboot.
Trainwreck - I don't know why there was so much hype about this film. It wasn't very funny and very stu.
The Seventh Son - Danny Glovershh Shheventhh Shhon. What a waste of Jeff Bridges talent
Joy - Didn't see it but Melanie can tell you it was a stinker.
Hotel Transylvania 2 - I never saw the first one, and don't need to. Didn't care for it. Adam Sandler isn't funny any more.

Best of 2015 in TV:
The Walking Dead Season 6 - Glenn Dies, then comes back to life, then dies again at the start of season 7, oops spoiler. Negan is introduced and tickle's Rick's balls.
House of Cards - Frank gets shot and then comes back for vengence but is Claire up for it?
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Danny Glovershh - Shhootersh.
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