The Best (and Worst) Movies of 1997

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The Best (and Worst) Movies of 1997

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 30th, 2016, 6:25 pm

1997 was a surprisingly strong year in film. Two of my favorites, Boogie Nights and Titanic (yes I love the Titanic movie so deal with it) came out that year. I remember taking my prom date-Abra to see Titanic. I probably hoped that the magic of DiCaprio and Winslet on the screen would get me some magic afterwords but it didn't and I was too dumb back then to know if I could of or not. Anyway, Boogie Nights was another classic movie (discovered in 1998 when I went to college) that my semi-girl friend in college at the time would often quote. It also had some other strong 5 star movies such as, Good Will Hunting, Private Parts and Breakdown. Even some of the 4 star movies such as Contact and Starship Troopers could easily become classics over time. Let's count them down shall we.

1. (Tie) Titanic
1. (Tie) Boogie Nights
2. Good Will Hunting
3. Private Parts
4. Breakdown - (Kurt Russell vs J.T. Walsh vs Scary Redneck family probably born and raised in Idaho (Although movie filmed in Utah/Arizona))
5. Contact - (Robert Zemekis takes us to the edge of the universe to discover David Moorse Code)
6. Starship Troopers - (This movie is not dumb but surprisingly smart...would you like to know more?)
7. The Game - (Michael Douglas gets caught in David Fincher's mysterious game)
8. The Lost World-Jurassic Park -(It was a disappointment after reading the book and being in love with the original but still redeemable with the Dinosaurs)
9. Men in Black - (First one was pretty damn good)
10.Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery - (First one is the Best and most re-watchable)


Best TV (Good year for TV)
1. South Park - (The Year it All Started)
2. The Mr. Show Season 3 - (Comedy Gold)
3. American Experience - Truman - (The Buck Stops Here)
4. Classic Albums - Fleetwood Mac - Rumors - (Not Second Hand News)
5. ELP - Live at Montreal - (Play some bluesy flatch)
6. Thomas Jefferson - (I did not cut down a flatch tree but Oates with my slave instead)

And the Worst Movies of 1997
1. Batman and Robin - (Buttman's nipples and butt and Robin and Mr. Freezes balls)
2. Flubber -(Robbin Williams has to have one bad movie a year)
3. The Postman - (Kevin Costley Phones it In in the new thriller with a cameo by Tom Petty and his butt)
4. The Second Civil War - (Idaho starts a second civil war because there are a lot of Trump supporters in this state)
5. The Pillow Book - (Don't remember this but it had oates, I think?)
6. Breeders - (Boring remake of the original with less oates)
7. Volcano - (Features the dumbest question ever asked in a movie: What's Magma?)
8. Bliss - (Another boring oates movie. See a pattern here?)
10. Jackie Chan's First Strike - (Remember when we used to watch Jackie Chan movies because he did his own stunts. Never mind any story)
10. (Tie) The Devil's Own - (Harrison Ford's pissed off face tries to comprehend his Brad Pitt's Own)
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