The Best (and Worst) Movies of 1998

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The Best (and Worst) Movies of 1998

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 30th, 2016, 5:43 pm

1998 was another pivotal year in the life of me. Not only did I graduate from High School, I almost died when my bowels decided to not function during the spring of 1998. Luckily, as evident in me typing this, I survived an emergency surgery and had my bean (appendix) removed in the process even though it wasn't the problem. Just one more vestigial organ I don't need to survive. Take that Intelligent Design believers. I also started college at Chadron State in Nebraska which became some of the two best college years of my life.

It was also the year that one of my favorite movies of all time, Saving Private Ryan, came out. I remember seeing it for the first time in Gillette, Wyoming with my family the day before we went on a trip back east, I think to Stu Lake. The minute the landing craft opened up on the D-Day beach to unload the troops and came under fire, my cinema life was changed forever. Never before had I seen anything like the depictions of war as I had seen in that scene and the coming battle sequences to follow. I remember leaving the theater after the last battle (not the tell me I'm a good man part) and feeling numb. I didn't quite know what I had just saw but something deep inside me was brewing. That night, I had a vivid dream where I was an America or German Soldier in Europe and I had come across a bunker in the middle of a forest. Before I could aim my gun and shoot, a soldier jumped up and shot me right in the head. For a brief second, I thought I had actually died. But just as soon as it happened, I woke up lying in my sleeping bag on the floor of my dad's apartment in Gillette, grateful to be alive. The movie was already affecting my dreams. I had to go back to the theater to see the movie again and to understand what was going on in my head. I must of seen the movie maybe 5 to 6 more times in the theater, each time being mesmerized by what I saw. WWII history quickly became my new favorite subject and I tried to devour as many war films as I could. I guess you could say, this movie generated a religious experience in me that very few movies have since. I could also since my brother had a similar experience to the movie as I did. The movie has become one of those films that my brother and I through quotes to and back to each other from time to time. And this movie made Steven Spielberg my favorite director of all time. I also had to go back and discover every movie he had made that I hadn't seen already. The guy is truly a master at what he does and even his lesser films have redeemable qualities save The Terminal (2002) which was a dud).

Anyway, two other films came out in 1998 that have become classics in my world as well, American History X and The Big Lebowski. I didn't like The Big Lebowski when I first saw it. I heard that is common with the Coen Brothers films. But it grew on my over time and quickly became one of my favorties of the Coens. American History X was also a powerful experience and remains a classic movie on the destruction racial hatred can cause in society.

So now, I will get off my soapbox and count them down.

Best Movies of 1998
1. Saving Private Ryan - (One of the best of the best and still a powerful experiences of cinema I have ever experienced)
2. (Tie) American History X
2. (Tie) The Big Lebowski
3. Enemy of the State - (Don't use a cell phone around Gene Hackman - He will Shing the family jewels)
4. The Wedding Singer - (Yes Adam Sandler has made some good movies)
5. The Truman Show - (Jim Carey gets trapped in his own little world)
6. The Faculty - (Please report to the principals office...uuaaahhhh SHING)
7. Desperate Measures - (Andy Garcia vs the US Health Care System vs scary Michael Keaton)
8. There's Something About Mary - (Remember when the Farley Brothers were Funny?)
9. Simon Birch - (Little sacs turn into peas)
10. A Civil Action - (John Travolta is a good lawyer who doesn't want you to drink poo water)

"Tell me I'm a good man. Tell me those floating heads I saw during WWII were not real"

Best TV
1. From Here to the Moon - (Ron Howard and Tom Hanks go back to the moon to retrieve Bill Paxton's underwear)
2. The Mr. Show (Season 4) - (Discovered in Chadron-Still Hilarious)
3. American Experience -Reagan- (Remember when Republicans were rational?)

Worst of 1998
1. Armageddon - (I think we saw this in Gillette before SPR. Wow what a transition between suck and exquisite)
2. Patch Adams - (Robin Williams farts on Cancer patients and it isn't funny)
3. A Perfect Murder - (Michael Douglas is jealous because his wife oates with another guy)
4. The Waterboy - (I guess that makes it a net 0 for Adam Sandler movies this year)
5. Rushmore - (Didn't and don't get it)
6. Dark City - (Saw in the American Theater or the Rialto in downtown Casper with the UBSTU gang, thought it sucked)
7. City of Angels - (City of Boring)
8. Sphere - (Read the book and hoped high, got shot down by this turd)
8. (Tie) Species II - (Man goes to Mars and gets infected. Comes back to earth to Oates and well...oates is only redeeming part of this shit storm)
9. What Dreams May Come - (When you die, you go to a magical color world that is a neat concept but overblown stuness)
10. Shakespeare in Love - (Yep, I was pissed off when SPR lost to SIL at the Oscars. Maybe I should give this one another chance but it was a travesty at the time)
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