The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2003

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The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2003

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 16th, 2016, 7:19 pm

Back in the time machine again, we go to 2003. It was a decent year with the wrap up of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and some other greats like The Cooler. Some stinkers too. Let's count them down.

The Best:

1. The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King - (The Lord of the Shings - The Return of the Kaing)
1. (Tie) The Cooler - (William H Macy gets some action)
2. Finding Nemo - (Pixar Classic)
3. Kill Bill Vol 1 - (The Bride will Shing)
4. American Wedding - (Great Ending to a Great Trilogy)
5. Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World - (Russel Crowe goes Fighting Around the World with Tugga and Darwin)
6. Love Actually - (A New Boymas Classic)
7. Identity - (Who Shings Who, The Qsac Knows)
8. School of Rock - (Cruising to the show, I do not know that guy...)
9. The Rundown - (A Fun Little Movie on a Super Fun Little Day)
10. Terminator 3 -Rise of the Machines - (Last of the watchable Terminator Movies)

Sometimes, A King is a Kaing

"Excuse me Mr. Baldwin...No flatching at the Craps table please."

1. Chased by Dinosaurs
2. Teddy Roosevelt - An American Lion
3. Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live

1. Mythbusters (love this show)
2. Chapelle's Show - (Funniest Comedy Show Eva)

And now for the Stinkers of 2003:

1 Dumb and Dumber, When Harry met Lloyd - (One of the Worst Movies I have Ever Seen)
1. (Tie) The Room- (One of the Worst of movies made I have seen)
2. Dreamcatcher - (Try to keep the Monster out of your Butt)
3. A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - (A League of Extraordinary Flatulent Gentlemen with Bad CGI)
4. Something's Gotta Give - (This movie needs to give a shit)
5. Scary Movie 3 - (Enough Already)
6. S.W.A.T - (S.U.C.K.)
7. Bad Santa - (Santa Swears and Drinks)
8. Freddy vs Jason - (Freddy vs Jason vs Jaws vs Ahguy vs Butts vs Mantha vs...)
9. Timeline - (Get Sucked back in Time so you can Suck)
10. American Splendor - (Good god this is boring)
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Dumb and Dumber
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