Moulin Slpooge

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Moulin Slpooge

Postby TheStuboy » October 11th, 2005, 11:54 pm

This film doesn't even deserve its own topic, but thus I have a new mission, to warn people away from this pile of junk.

I must admit first off that "I HATE MUSICALS" I do, Chicago sucked, Sound of Music sucked, Fartin' in the Rain was boring. The whole genre does absolutely nothing for me. But then, I have to watch this pos movie for my film class so I was forced to view its 2 hrs and whatever of pure crap.

Now as if the film wasn't bad enough with Nicole Kidman, it gets worse because the music IS RIPPED OFF! They used U2, Wallflowers, Madonna, classic 80s love songs, and the worst part of it all was that Nicole and Ewan were singing it, how completely gay. I don't like the way the camera shoots you all around Moulin Splooge and makes you vomit up those M&Ms you were trying to enjoy, and most of all I don't like Nicole Kidman. As in all of her movies, she steals the show, thinking she can act. She can't. I don't get other people who think she can, SHE CAN'T. Ewan did a good job but this is the wrong roll for him, by all means. I did enjoy the ewoks at the end singing With or Without pooh, and Mark Hamill's cameo was good.

Other than that, stay away from this junkyard of a movie, its the worst musical, and one of the worst films I have ever witnessed. Supernova still takes the cake, but rest assured, this is up there on the worst movies of all time list.

1/2 stars for Ewan's ability to sing and the Ewoks at the end, other than that it sucked.

Freddie Farz Jr. was forced to see this 10/11/05.
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