The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2012

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The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2012

Postby Kaing of Kaings » March 2nd, 2013, 4:05 pm

Since I haven't been putting any movies reviews on UBSTUdios for along time, I thought I would bring back one of my favorite things to do at the end of a year after seeing most of the movies that came out for the year. It's time for my all time top Ten Best or Favorite movies of 2012. As always, the rules are the movies have to be released in limited or wide format in the chosen year, other than that, it doesn't matter when you see them and lists are subject to change over time. 2012 was a pretty good year for films. Out of the few I saw, which is a lot less then back in the old days, there was some high quality shh...stuff that Hollywood crapped out this year. There was no instant classic that came out (that requires 5 out of 5 stars) but there was some damn fine acting and story telling this year. In particular, directors like Quintin Tarantino, Ang Lee, Kathryn Bigelow and Spielberg all put out some good stuff. At the Oscars, I didn't care if Django Unchained, ZDT, Lincoln or Life of Pi one. The one I didn't want to win, Argo did but even that was a good film.

It was hard to place the top ones on the list in any order but here is a try. I ranked my movies based on a couple factors. For example, is the movie rewatchable or is seeing it once good enough came into play. More importantly, was I entertained, did I enjoy myself when watching the film, did the actors/actresses/directors do a good job were factors into making my list. Lets dive into the list shall we.

1. Django Unchained
2. Zero Dark Thirty
3. Game Change
4. Looper
5. The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey
6. Life of Pi
7. Lincoln
9. Flight
10. American Reunion

When the sun is setting and Leonardo DiCaprio's face appears, it's time to grab your guns because the apocalypse is nigh.

Here are some Honorable Mentions from the 2012 movies:
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook
The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises

Best Documentaries of 2012
1. Beware Mr. Baker

Now to the Worst of 2012:
1. Safety Not Guaranteed - (Aubrey Plaza cant figure out that a guy is Stu and has a machine that generates farts, not travel time)
2. Dangerous Liaisons -(Asian Oats movie I have no recollection of)
3. Rock of Ages - (Tom Cruise gets sweaty balls on stage)
4. The Campaign - (Our Elections are already a joke as it is)
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