Seed of Chunky animatronics (Seed of Chucky)

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Seed of Chunky animatronics (Seed of Chucky)

Postby TheStuboy » June 15th, 2005, 12:24 am

I watched Seed of Chucky thanks to Ballbuster online the other day and thought it was the stuest chucky of all, even stuer than Bride of Stuboy. The acting was horrible thanks to mrs. Tilly playing herself and the movie wasn't scary at all. Plus the Glen/Gayda doll was godawfully stiff in the animatronic aspect. Even Chucky lacked good movement although the shing at the beginning was okay. I thought the story was kind of stu and the ending was PG (pretty gay). Expect to see Chucky again in Kids of Chucky due out sometime in the future, god lets hope not. That movie stunk like Redman's butt. The beginning was stu too, you're pissing your pants, your pissing your pants haa haahaaaa hea. GayGAYGAY! STOP MAKING CHUCKY MOVIES, THEY ARE NOT SCARY BUT ACTUALLY HILARIOUS HOW BAD THEY ARE ANYMORE!

Brad Dourif gets credit though since he has voiced chucky since the Childs Play days. But, its still the WORST CHUCKY MOVIE EVERRRRR!

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