Real time with Bill Maher

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Real time with Bill Maher

Postby leeroy_t » May 7th, 2005, 1:42 pm

it kicked ass, we got to cbs television city at about 6 waited till about 7:30 had to go through metal detector and all this crud then we got into the studio. Show was freaking hillarious, I will tape it this week, im not sure if u can see us yet cause we havent seen it. anyways the guests were madeline albright, some wa lady former prime minister of canada, some kang republican blogger dude, and michael mckean, that dude from laverne and sherly, snl, a million commercials, etc... anyways it was a real good show, and after wards we went to this bbq place near by and we were just sitting at our table and I looked outside like 15 ft away and bill maher was sitting there with all the ppl from the show, the wa lady prime minister, the kang guy, etc... i was like ellll! so carolyn went over and talked to him and got his autograph, told him that we were at the show, he was really coo, then we just spent the rest of diner watching him converse with ppl. it was funny we were in this big ass restaurant, wasnt even super fancy and we were sitting there 15 ft from bill maher whose show we had just seen. El u would have found hte production and all that really coo, and its a live show in the east so live tv is pretty leeeeroy! they had like 6-7 cameras.
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