Open Water (Open Crap)

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Open Water (Open Crap)

Postby TheStuboy » April 13th, 2005, 10:43 pm

I haven't seen another movie since Jaws, that was made about sharks and people dying. Thanks to Beatbuster, I was able to watch Open Water.

I'm all for independent movie making, when its good, but when its not, I kind of stay away for awhile. This film, to get to the point, stunk.

The premise: A couple goes on a scuba diving expedition when on vacation, but they accidentally get left behind to fend for themselves in shark-infested waters.

Basically the premise is the entire movie, and its pretty darn slow and boring all throughout. I was not scared by this movie at all, and I was also dissapointed on how crappy the acting is. The nudity in the beginning was the films only high point, Blanchard Ryan (the girl that is in Starship Poopers is the chick in this film: Image. )

The acting wasnt the greatest, and neither was the nausiating DV like filming.

The film did have a few highlights though, one being the nudity. The other was that I give the producers credit for at least trying to make a halfway decent movie. Maybe if they had put a little more effort into it, this could have been a good movie.

Maybe next time invest in better cameras and a steadycam if the budget allows. Also, a crew might help. Lions Gate Films would take care of that. Polish the script and it would be a whole lot better and easier.

From the DVD special features, the movie sounds like it was hard to make, which is why I give the producers credit for trying, but they didn't try hard enough to please Freddie Farz Jr.

Viewed by FFJ on 4/13/05 thanks to Beatbuster online rentals.

P.S. Mean Creek came, but the DVD didnt work so I will get a new one soon.
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