After the Sunset - (After the Ballflatch)

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After the Sunset - (After the Ballflatch)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » April 13th, 2005, 12:23 am

Yea, it's a heist movie. Yea 007 stars in it. Yea Selma Hayek stars in it. Yea Selma Hayek's boobs star in it. Oh, it also has Woody Harrelson too. After the Sunset is a movie about Pierce Brosnans love of diamonds and boobs. After stealing a diamond from the Woody, he gets a woody while making out with Selma. This causes the FBI, Female Body Inspectors, to take action and try to find out if Pierce has wiped or not. Saddly they discover a Stuboy who never wipes and arrest him for public foulness.

After all of this, Pierce and Selma retire on some Caribbean Island where Butt Pirates raid and pillage a small horse. It gets confusing after Don Cheade shows up and orders Pierce to scrubb the dingleberries off a Royal Caribbean Cruise liner. To make things more complicated Pierce keeps on having flashbacks from his Dante's Peak movie experience and he keeps on seeing Linda Hamiltons face in the clouds and wanting to dump Grannys overboard. It all ends in a diamond hiest thats full of intestinal explosions and nice rack shots of Selma.

Overall, the movie does have it's entertaining moments and Woody does a good job as always with acting. Pierce plays a guy with a stiffy who acts stiff all the time and Selma's Boobs are nice to look at. Other actors are coincidental and had no purpose in this movie except to provide background. I give it about 2 (1/2) stars because it's better than The Final Butt and it has nice cleavage.
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