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Nobody (Nobody Calls Me Chicken, Doc)

Postby TheStuboy » April 6th, 2021, 9:54 pm

Hea! The Stuboy and Melanies 2021 Movie-Theater-Going experience has returned! Because I said so. Because we're both fully vax'ed and we follow the CDC guidelines, all you mofos who believe the COVID is a hoax can go suck a big one. We're going back to the movies. COVIDIOTS can stay home and watch Godzilla Vs. Kang on HBO Maux. (I'll write a review of that one soon).
No, tonight, we saw Nobody. Wait, what? We saw somebody. Or was it really Nobody? Nobody (2021) stars Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Ball and Breaking Hea fame. Except this time, Odenkirk isn't a sleezy lawyer. He's an average dude with some major bawls. Read what I thought of the film below the plot.

The following will contain spoilers up until a certain point. See the movie before reading below.
Saul can't catch a break. I mean, he's got drug lords after him, a scary Los Pollos Hermanos franchise owner, and now, potentially the DEA from Albuquerue after him. Oops. No, this guy is Hutch Mansell, an I am what I am, am what I am, am what I am am what I am... a family gay (a family gay). Mansell (I almost typed Munsell, because I had a moron boss with that last name in Sheridan), is an average blue collar auditor for his family's company. He leads a regular monotonous life with a 9-5 job, and frequently misses taking out the garbage because he's like me... stu. Anyway, no, he's not stu, he's just trying to lead a normal life (cue Peter Gabriel). Until one night, Mansell is a victim of a home invasion. They hold the family hostage and take some dough, except Mansell's son takes over and puts one of the robbers in a hold. Mansell has a perfect opportunity to take them down with a golf club but does not, and they get away. Understandably, his family is pissed because of this missed opportunity. Hutch isn't a violent dude, but he has alienated his son and his wife. His daughter is the only one who looks up to him.

Hutch returns to normal life until one night he rides the bus home and sees a woman in trouble, after some drunk Russian assholes crash a van into the bus. Hutch suddenly decides he wants to be a vigilante and whoop some ass. In the process, he gets his ass kicked, but saves the bystander.
Well..... these Russian assholes aren't going to sit by and let their crew get the shit kicked out of them. They seek out this vigilante and the movie goes into overdrive with a huge balls to the wall spectacle that can only be seen by seeing the movie. Seriously, go see it.


So I wasn't sure what to expect with this film. I thought it was going to be another normal dude takes charge and revenge flick, kind of like Breakdown. I should stop comparing these movies to Breakdown. While that movie is great, Bob Odenkirk and Kurt Russell are two different actors with two different missions. This movie starts slow but once it hits the gas, it does not slow down. I appreciated this. It goes break-neck speed and things become clearer as to why they are happening. Look out for subtle hints and comedy.
Expect ridiculous over the top ass kicking and enjoy the ride. Expect gratuitous and very often borderline impossible events/stunts, and just enjoy the movie.
I was not expecting the plot of the film to turn out like it did, and the film is better off for it. I say that, because we've all likely seen the same scenario before. Like all Liam Neeson's revenge movies are the same. This one isn't like that. It does remind me of another film I've seen that I can't quite remember off hand, especially the ending. The ending felt familiar but not familiar enough for me to go "come on". Most movies have extravigant endings like this, especially action films.

The movie stars Odenkirk as mentioned, but also Christopher Lloyd as Hutch's father David. Lloyd is obviously looking old and frail but he plays an important part later on. The main bad guy dude is someone you've seen before but can't remember where. That or he just looks familiar. Dah Comrade. It also stars rapper RZA, as a mysterious dude Mansell dx'es on his ham radio. Seriously, Hutch is a DXer! I laughed inside when there was some dxing going on. RZA's character comes into play in a bigger role toward the end.

I know this film is similiar in vein to John Wick, but I have yet to see those movies. There's talk that of a crossover since a lot of the team that worked on that film worked on this one. I don't know much other than that.

I will say Odenkirk does well with this role, and I look forward to season 6 of Better Call Ball, when Saul meets Jesse and Mr. White (that probably won't happen, unless Bryan Cranston wears his fake bald head thing again like he did in El Camino).

Nobody gets 3.99999 stars out of 5. It's absurd, it's full of impossibur moments, but damn is it fun.

In order to train for the film, Odenkirk had to endure Melonhead Vision tactics and punches to the face.

I'm just a nobody, so that's what you call me. That or, Mr. Nobody, or his Nobody-ness...

No Oates for you tonight, but I still love you.
"I won, you losht, get ushed to it shon"
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