Wonder Woman 1984 - Wonder Wahlady 1980 something

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Wonder Woman 1984 - Wonder Wahlady 1980 something

Postby TheStuboy » December 27th, 2020, 3:09 pm

It was 1980 something... in the world that ball grew up in.

Here now is a review of Wonder Woman 1984 which we saw on HBO Maux thanks to the pandemic of 2020, which by the time stuboys look back in ten years and read this, will be like, God, stu was still typing reviews on the Ubstudios Forums. We have FlatchTwitGram: the new social media platform for that.

Wonder Wahlady 1984 stars Gal Gadoooooot, Chris Piney, Robin Writes with Penns, and Pedro Scary Guy Pascal.

It is a standalone sequel, where if you don't remember what happened in the 2017 Wonder Wahlady, you should be fine with this one. I mean some of the stuff from that one is referenced, and Chris Pine materalizes out of some dude, oops, spoiler.

In the intro we see the Hungry Bad CGI games of Womandom, where Wonder Woman is from. Young Diana is competing with a bunch of other wahs but she gets taught an imporant lesson. Never cheat, or use Russia's help to get you elected president. Flatch forward to 1984 and we see a shopping mall filled with 80's stereotypes. Diana is shopping for something when she comes upon a crime happening. She uses her stuper powers to flatch blast a bunch of stus who are trying to rob an antiquities place. She finds the flatch stone, which gives people bad gas whenever they touch it. She takes the stone to the Smithsonian where she works in archeology, and we meet Kristen Wiig, Barbrahhh, who is a nerdy wah who wants to be just like Diana. We found out the flatch stone can grant people wishes. Barbrahhh uses it to become Cheetah, and Diana uses it to morph some random rico suave dude into Chris Pine's character from the first film, because that's her only wish. Well, some asshole televangelist dude who speaks English but then has a Spanish accent the rest of the film, also finds the stone and uses it to become the great and powerful Maux Overlord. Cut through about an hour of romantic comedy and the action starts. Maux Overload grows super powerful, and Cheetah just wants to be strong and powerful like Wonder Woman is. Chris Pine teaches her how to fly using fart power and an invisible plane we only see once, and then he goes away. The reason he leaves is kind of important but not enough to spoil it here.
Sufficient to say all hell breaks loose and Wonder Woman has to Spiderman it up to defeat the enemy.


I'm going to be brief with this part. The film is kind of long. It drags a bit in the first half but picks up and speeds right to the finish. The action sequences are on par with the first film and it's cool seeing a woman kick ass. I also liked Kristin Wiig's character Cheetah, only she doesn't have enough screen time. The sequel suffers a bit from bloat as in what happened in Spiderballs 3. There's often too much going on to follow for any length of time. I did enjoy the ending, and I noticed some paralells to what is happening in the United States with Trump. Put Trump in the roll Pedro Pascal played, and you've got 2020. A meglomaniacal KMFDM better than the best asshole narcissist running the country thinking he's king of the world, combined with a bunch of moron lemmings (GOP) and you have 2020. Also, there's some dxing in this film, which is cool. Hea.

It was overall enjoyable, but I think the first one blew my skirt up a bit more than this one did. If they would've trimmed the fat, it would've been better.
Wonder Wah will appear on my top 10 list of 2020, and I give it 3.9 stars out of 5. Hea.

Too bad we can't get a woman to kick the fuck out of the assholes in Washington and get our country back on track

Watch the CGI head on this body and tell me something isn't right about it.

Apparently wishing to be just like Wonder Woman turns you into a bad CGI cheetah. Roar... oates.
"I won, you losht, get ushed to it shon"
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