A Beautiful Haaay in the Neighborhood

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A Beautiful Haaay in the Neighborhood

Postby TheStuboy » November 23rd, 2019, 1:13 am

I've been trying to hear as little about the film "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" as I could because I didn't want to go into it with expectations. This morning while listening to WCCO I was told this was a story about a journalist trying to get to Mr. Rogers' bad side, if he ever had one. Well, after viewing the film tonight on opening weekend, I'm kind of confused by the marketing of it. The trailers will have you believe this film is all about Mr. Rogers. And it is. Mostly.
The film focuses on a journalist working for Esquire Magazine who's tasked with writing a story about heroes. Mr. Rogers is the subject and the author has to interview him. The film shows this. It splices it with a narrative about the reporter's life as a new father. I think the attempt was to juxtapose Mr. Rogers positive messages with the reporter's messed up life. The editing of this film leads there but does so in a confusing manner. Maybe I was just tired because we saw the 9:20 show at Andover and they had the heat blasting. Maybe it was Melanie falling asleep multiple times. But I got lost for a moment. The most glaring part is a (spoiler) hallucination by the reporter in which he wakes up at Mr. Rogers house. But I can't figure out how he got there. The previous shot before the hallucination was at a bus depot. But then after he wakes up he's in their house.

Ok so the film isn't THAT bad but it certainly wasn't as good as I was hoping. The pacing was slow and there was not enough Mr. Rogers.

Tom Hanks is gifted as the title character. Nobody could beat the real person of course but Hanks does well. I expect he will be nominated for an oscar but won't win.

I guess the feeling I came away with from the story is that Rogers wants us to love ourselves more and forgive ourselves and others. He wants us to communicate more and work issues out rather than keep pent up anger in. That may be why people are saying this film is important for 2019. With a country divided and so much hatred we need to step back and ask why this is happening.

The rest of the cast did okay but the film's editing was its weak point. That and the narrative needed to be cleaned up a bit and more focused. I never read the article the film is based on but it sounds like the two are pretty close.

It wasn't bad but the marketing is not showing you what the film is really about.
I think the documentary was better. I hate to be cynical about the movie because I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and I know he was a wonderful human being. Not replaceable. Nobody like him before or since. But the film can't quite capture how big he really was.

2.9 stars out of 5.
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Nobody can or ever will be like Mr. Rogers. He was one of a kind. Rest in peace.
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