The Mule (Get Off My Lawn Gringo)

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The Mule (Get Off My Lawn Gringo)

Postby TheStuboy » January 9th, 2019, 12:33 pm

If this is Eastwood's last film, and I hope it isn't, then this is disappointing. The Mule is based on a true story of an old crotchety man who liked flowers, being picked as a delivery man by a drug gang. Eastwood's film sees him looking incredibly frail, and as pissed owf as usual. Eastwood complains that the younger generations are to blame for the world going to shit which is partially true I guess. The other reason is the orange baboon in the White House and incompetent leadership in the Senate.

He also has problems with technology and Bradley Cooper's sunglasses at a Waffle House. While the film has moments of entertainment, its 116 minutes are pretty sluggish other than that. Yes its interesting that this old man was able to bone Latina chicas and play sweaty nut sac with a scary fat Andy Garcia. At the end of the film though I couldn't help but think, thats it? This whole film led here? Ok why did it take so long to do so? I don't care that Dianne Wiest is typecast as a wah lady, or Bradley Cooper needed a bigger part, or Andy Garcia is a fatter scary guy. I care that I'm not a wah checking her watch as the film crawls in the last third. I did appreciate bewbs and I'm pretty sure Eastwood got half a stock in at least one scene. Ugh. Get off my lawn gringo. Holy frijole I need some guacamole y usted Eugene why's your face turning green, don't you likea pinto bean.

2.3 stars out of 5. Pissed Owf Eastwood is going to chase me down in his Lincoln monster scary truck while Mexican guys go to SA to celebrate their freedoms man. They're on Holiday goin Mobil. They better hit the Speedway.
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