Keith Olbermann Leaving MSNBC

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Keith Olbermann Leaving MSNBC

Postby TheStuboy » January 22nd, 2011, 2:23 pm

Olbermann complained publicly about his frustration with NBC's management. He made it clear that he resented the insinuation that he was attempting to hide his actions.

"It's not in my contract that NBC had rules about getting permission for making political donations, even though any rule like that in any company is probably not legal," he said on the program."

He also accused NBC of "inconsistently" applying its policy and suspending him without first hearing his side of the story.

I sent him a tweet that said that he will surely be missed, and in this world dominated by the crap Fox News puts out, he was a beacon of light. I also used his phrase: Good Night and Good Luck.

I think unfortunately this is the beginning of the end for MSNBC. If they can't find someone who is willing to call out the stupidity that emanates from Fox, then they might as well forfeit.
I think it would be cool if Randy Rhodes got her own TV show. She has a face for TV and a voice as well.
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