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Top of the Stratusphere Roller Coaster Review........GA

PostPosted: February 15th, 2005, 11:34 pm
by Kaing of Kaings

Yes, the roller coaster on top of the Stratusphere was completely gay. You go around the thing twice and it doesnt even go that fast or make any G-forces. Granted, it is on the top of the worlds 3rd highest tower and the view was spectacular, the ride itself was kind of like a queef in the wind.

There were a few times when I thought it would take my head off because I was in the inner chair, but overall, I wish I would of gone on the X-Scream ride up on top of the stratusphere that takes this car thing and throws it off the side. It looked pretty scary, especially if you were sititng in front. They also had one of those rides where you sit on that thing and get shot straight up on this radio tower thing. Luckly the Coaster Ride was only 2 bucks but after waiting in line after line after line just to get to the top, then waiting in line after line after line to get on the wasnt worth it. I heard the coaster at Circus Circus and New York New York was way better than this.

So next time your at the Stratusphere, pay the 9 bucks to wait and line and go up on the tower, but ride the X-Scream or the ride that shoots you straight up in the air and rips all your clothes off....then you burn up in the atmosphere....ah the atmosphere....aaaahh.

PostPosted: February 15th, 2005, 11:51 pm
by TheStuboy
Boy its been a long time since I've seen that commercial. Damnit I want to go on a roller coaster some time. Jenn says she'll take me to Six Faggs in Denver, but she says its pretty full of hessians and there is only one coaster she'll go on out of 3. Six Faggs used to be Beatliches and Jenn thinks it was better when it was that. She says only druggies and stus hang out at Six Faggs since its so cheap now days.

I think the tickets cost 25 dollars for a full day and unlimited shing moments on the coasters. Should be fun if there aren't any stus. I'm not sure when we'd go.

Damnit, I want to go to Wegas sooner or later.

PostPosted: February 16th, 2005, 6:22 pm
by leeroy_t
Yes, there are many better coasters in LV then the stratosphere, the only thing about that coaster is as Anderson said that it is located 1200 feet in the air. As far as coasters go in LV, the best are probably NY/NY, Sahara, and Circus Circus. 25$ for Six flags aint bad considering its like $50 here, though Id imagine the rides are much better here.

El, u can goto Wegas when u turn 21, if u go sooner, u will just be bored. But since u turn 21 this year, elll!

PostPosted: February 16th, 2005, 7:56 pm
by TheStuboy
Yeah I know! :twisted:

PostPosted: February 16th, 2005, 10:01 pm
by leeroy_t
yea yea, u can get bluegilled for the first time in Wegas, just as your brother Anderson has done on several occasions.