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Scary times ahead

PostPosted: February 10th, 2005, 11:18 am
by TheStuboy
N.Korea Says It Has Nuclear Arms, Spurns Talks

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea (news - web sites) declared Thursday for the first time it possessed nuclear weapons and pulled out indefinitely from six-party talks on its atomic ambitions, saying it needed a defense against a hostile United States. ... h_talks_dc

Iran Vows 'Burning Hell' for Any Aggressor

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran, facing mounting U.S. pressure over its nuclear program, promised Thursday a "burning hell" for any aggressor as tens of thousands marched to mark the 26th anniversary of its Islamic revolution. ... nm/iran_dc

Still, Bush is a complete moron. People on the message boards there like blaming Clinton for the problems we are seeing now, because they can't accept the fact that maybe their own president is a fucking idiot whom only wants to go to war, thats his only objective as a president.

Rice: U.S. Has Long Assumed N.Korea Had Nukes

LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - The United States has assumed since the mid-1990s that North Korean is able to make nuclear weapons, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites) said Thursday, playing down a dramatic announcement from Pyongyang. ... rth_usa_dc

Obviously Rice, and Rumsfield, and Colon Flatch (who is gone now) are all just as brainless as Bush is. He must have hired everyone from the same area.

All I can say is that there is some scary times ahead, especially since we have a moron in office.

Prepare to be drafted Stuboy

PostPosted: February 10th, 2005, 2:31 pm
by Kaing of Kaings
If events continue to get scarier, prepare for a draft. Especially if we decide to invade Iran, or North Korea attacks south cause it has nowhere else to go. Things could get messy if stuer heads prevail but for now, I bet it will be a while before something scary happens or this situation gets resolved peacefully. Remember, Art Hess predicted that they will reinstate the draft this year some time in late spring early summer. So if they do, I am draft bait too, so join the NAVY, cause in the NAVy you could be gay, in the NAVY, it is the way, in the NAVY.....

PostPosted: February 10th, 2005, 3:10 pm
by TheStuboy
Bush said there would be no draft, but you can't really trust a guy with as little of brain cells that he has. I still can't believe half of America was dumb enough to vote for him, really says something about us doesn't it. Its fun to say to people Y R U GAY its fun to say to people Y R U GAY hey.

PostPosted: February 10th, 2005, 5:27 pm
by leeroy_t
Talk about a threat, Ive been saying North Korea is way more of a threat then IRaq, but GWB told me I was stu so I had to shut up. The next Korean War, when it does occur, will involve nuclear weapons as that is the only way to end the war quickly. N Korea can lob over 1 million shells into Seoul in the opening stages of the war so complete destruction of NK will have to occur.

PostPosted: February 10th, 2005, 6:58 pm
by TheStuboy
When is it likely the next korean war will happen?

PostPosted: February 10th, 2005, 11:09 pm
by leeroy_t
Hopefully it wont happen, but if the dumbasses in power in all nations continue their rhetoric, it seems inevitable.