PT Wedding Report

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PT Wedding Report

Postby leeroy_t » July 9th, 2006, 9:02 pm

It was a star studded affair, many Ubstudios celebrities were in attendance for the KO and Dans wedding.

Leeroy Turtlehead arrived at the wedding with his fiance Carolyn and was quickly followed by ubstudios stars Wuss and his lady friend Jennifer and the critical Wa Lady. I was shocked to see the pube beard and crustache wusstopher was sporting. it was pretty funny, but it kind of looked good on him. maybe it will inspire me to grow a pube beard this winter.

Other family members of note attending the ceremony were Lee and Maggie, Supreme Gomps and Diner, Yoreel and Diane with children, Judy and Matt with children, Jeff (Rice Lake boy), also John, Jan, and Erin Driesbach.

The wedding started promptly at 2 pm with Leeroy and Maggie being seated by the ushers. They were followed by the new KO, and bridesmaid Laurie, along with some goatied dude we thought she would make out with before the night was over. It didnt happen as far as i know. The rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered.

Then O'Donnell walked the KO of the evening, and Ubstudios actress Lucy down the aisle. Fighting back tears and receiving a LEEROY face from Leeroy Turtlehead, the KO made it down the aisle and she and Dan were ready to be married. A number of prayers were said to worship jebes and music was played by Boob, Carrie, and Sarah as they are professional musicians.

More prayers were said and Tom Hanks making a stiff turtlehead face came in to give an offering of flowers to the virgin Mary. A bunch of people ate crackers and drank wine out of the same glass, so watch out for a herpes outbreak in the West Chicago area. The ceremony went on for about an hour and KO and Dan said I DO!!! and the priest said "with the power vested in me by the state of illinois, I pronounce you husband and ko, you may be PTed by the ko"

So the ceremony was over and everyone headed for the exit, everyone greeted the wedding party on the way out. I said leeeeeeroy to Laurie and congratulated Lucy and everyone else by going hea hea and then flatching to sanctify the marraige. Of note, the PT and Dan had both lost some weight and were looking there best.

Then, we all drove over to DeKalb and my dad was being stu so we were 30 minutes late getting to the reception. Anyways, I picked up my card to find my seat and found I was sitting at the UBSTUDIOS actors and their parents table. The table included Carolyn and I, Wuss and Jennifer, the Wa twins, and my dad. I proceeded to head to the open beer/wine bar and got the first of my four beers on the evening.

I ate some hors ovaries and we were served dinner. We were served a spinach stuffed chicken brest, with pasta and wegtables on the side. It was quite good I must say.

During the entire reception, PT and her new hubby Dan kept PTing each other so the guests had to interupt them by banging on our glasses and going leeroy, wait till later.

Then came the toasts, the first toast was by OD, he said KO and Dan, your my children!!!!!! and we proceeded to drink and Wuss proceeded to dump his wine down his dress shirt. He was like god damn it!!!! im so stu!!! but Carolyn saved the day as she had in her purse a shout stain remover which removed the stain and saved Wuss the embarrassment of having wine all over his shirt.

Dan's best man gave a really stu speech about dan which included references to the kang tv show "boy meets world" and a story about dan getting drunk and eating a lot of fast food. maybe not the most appropriate story. Well anyways, KOs maid of honor gave her speech and said hea hea hea, and we all at cake.

Then came the dancing, PT and Dans first song was that stu song Lady in Red, god that song is stu. This was followed by KO dancing with O.D. to some stu song I dont remember.

After that they had all married couples get out there and dance and as the song went on they started saying if u had been married 10 years sit down, so a bunch of couples sat down. By the time they got to 30 there were about 10 couples still out there including my wa and supreme. Anyways, after they said 35 years, all the rest of the couple sat down accept leeeeee and maggie. so everyone gave them a big round of applause.

They then said their 60th wedding anniversary was going to be in December so everyone was like oh leeroy!!!! The stu dj asked granny if she had any advice to the KO and Dan to make their marraige last and granny said "make sure your husband is working all the time" everyone got a good laugh and the dj asked lee if he had any advice, he said "make sure your wife thinks your working all the time" then everyone really started laughing and they were like leeeeroy, if i had a nude drawing class to go to, I wouldnt be at home either.

Anyways, the dancing continued with just about everyone, including myself, getting out there and dancing. The Wa ladys were doing the pony and doing the twist with leee. Eli was showing off his new dance moves that shannon taught him and was the star of the show. even though he is only 2, all the kos wanted to dance with him. anyways, ko threw her flowers and some little asian girl caught em, what that means, i dont know. The dj then played i like big butts and i can not lie and ppl were shaking their butts.

Overall, the reception was a lot of fun, we were unable to film the pt wedding crashers trailer as we did not have time as it would have required the fulltime camera services of a stuboy to film such a venture. Anyways, as we got closer to the end of the reception, my watch broke which really pissed me off and wusstopher got a bloody nose. Just another day in the lives of ubstudios actors.
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Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 16th, 2006, 2:05 pm

Yes, Leeroy's summary pretty much sums it up. I though I would point out the part at the reception when someone farted near or at our table. I thought it was Leeroy because he was trying to get out of the smell zone. Later reports showed that it wasn't Leeroy.

Also the part at the wedding where the lady was going to read from John and KO interupted her.

I also had to mention the part when I was talking to Laurie and Diane and Diane started feeling my scrotee and saying I like men with scrotees. I left that conversation soon after that.

It wouldnt be a wedding reception had I not spilled red wine on my blue shirt or had I not had a bloody nose. Those two things go hand and hand when im at a celebration.

Overall though, the wedding was pretty fun and I wish Lucy and Dan a happy future. Hea.
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