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Anderson Cooper or I Nearly looses His Ass on Television

PostPosted: July 10th, 2005, 6:23 pm
by Kaing of Kaings
Hi, this is the investigative reporter Anderson Cooper and I have all the answers. I was in Pensacola, Florida reporting for Hurricane Denise when I was hiding next to this Ramada building next to this guy that looks like Chuck from GR. I was reporting about a Ramada sign that was about to blow off when the eye of the storm came by. The winds were so strong; I could feel it flowing though my pants as if I had bad gass.

Anyway, a huge gust of wind came by and the Chuck guy started screaming for me to get out the way just as the Ramada sign fell apart and blew by me. It was crazy and on live television but my ass nearly avoided being chopped off by the torn up aluminum pieces of the Ramada sign. You can probably see it on CNN because I’ve been asking them to play it over and over. It just goes to show you how powerful Mother Nature can be and how stu a CNN reporter can be. But that's me, stu or not, I report the news and don't spin it like FOX news does. This is Anderson Cooper signing off saying, the world may be 360 degrees, but my Ass is only 180 degrees.