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RTLI slowly changing

PostPosted: October 6th, 2006, 1:13 am
by TheStuboy
Progress is being made to strip down RTLI to a more manageable site as far as pictures and editing is concerned.

I changed the main site a ltite and added a new improved clickable map.

My plans for RTLI is to have every state that I have coverage in be upgraded to the new clickable map standards to look better. No longer will WYO be divided by counties.

Each state will have a map with several clickable little towers that represent where the coverage is. I hope this makes things easier for those few of you who actually take a look at that site. Once I'm done with that, which at this point, I can't say when, I'll move on to finishing up UMDB and completely scrap Wyscanner. I can't update it any more, and don't see any use for it on the site. I'll have to figure out something to go in its place though, possibly DX101.9's site.