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More back end work

PostPosted: March 26th, 2013, 4:21 pm
by TheStuboy
Seeing as how only three of us visit this forum, chances are you guys didn't notice the SPAM folder filling up on the bottom of the forum threads. This is doing what it is intended to do, act as a place for the stupid bots that attack this board to post their shit away from the regular forums. I have, however noticed that the forums are loading slower than normal and I believe it is due to the size of that particular thread. Today I went through and pruned a bunch of the posts up to March 26. This should help speed up the forums. I also updated the system on the back end to allow for auto-pruning, which should automatically remove the posts after one day. It was more of an annoyance, but that is why I did it, because I'm tired of things loading slow for stu reasons. Hea. :twisted: