Spring Vacation 1 Movie Review

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Spring Vacation 1 Movie Review

Postby leeroy_t » February 7th, 2005, 5:02 pm

A sometimes entertaining, somewhat stu chronicle of Stuboy and Jennifer's spring break of 2004. - Leeroy Turtlehead

Spring Vacation starts with the boy and Jennifer heading out of Laramie to GR. Stuboy begins the movie by blowing through a stop sign (dont let campus police find this tape) they continue on to Rawlins where they get massive gut rot at Wendys. Arriving in GR the stus take a "kang" tour of town including its walking bridges and cemetaries. Shockingly, the beat cats do not make an appearance in this part of the movie.

The movie then veers off on a Hea & Oats tangent with the boy filming dorky dad and wuss skiing at the Big Piney Ski area in Pinedale. Dorky and wuss wipe out a few times as they try to show off how they can ski backwards. I was impressed but Im sure most people would enjoy this scene for the wipe outs and the slow speed jumps which I would be too chicken to go over. Anyways, I thought the camera work was excellent for being on skis, it wasnt shaky really or anything, how did u do it boy?

This terribly exciting vacation continues on as Stu and Jenn make a long boring jaunt to Julesberg, CO. Julesberg looks incredibly exciting, I cant wait to one day go there for Stuboy and Jennifers wedding. Anyways this part of the movie chronicles how exciting it is to live in the absolute middle of hessian nowhere and still manage to get funky. Stuboy somewhere gets a giant afro and dances around like a super freak, this was actually quite hillarious.

Stuboy and Jennifer make side trips to Ogallala, NE and Sidney, NE two of the most boringest and hessian places on earth I would imagine. I have been to Ogallala and wanted to do nothing more then get the hell out of there as some GWB Jebus freak was trying to convert me to his hessianic ways.

Anyways, the movie ends with the boy using his psychic powers to figure out what I would think about the movie. As the credits role, Stuboy asks the audience what they thought of the movie, and yes I said it sucked which the boy had predicted I would. The credits continue to role for another 5 minutes as is trademark stuboy movie production. then once again stuboy proclaims his love for jennifer, how cute :oops:

Overall the best part of the movie was the skiing scene as it captured quite well how dorky hea and oates skiing adventure would be. I also now know what u stus are talking about when u say hea oates ski-gay a thon 2005.

Oh yea, and Wa Lady was in the credits yet didnt make an appearance in the movie.
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Postby TheStuboy » February 7th, 2005, 5:21 pm

That mistake has been noted on Ubstudios-movie-mistakes.com (not a real address yet).

Wah lady is in the second one in production now (and due this year Summer).
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