World War Three Special Directors Butt Edition and....

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World War Three Special Directors Butt Edition and....

Postby TheStuboy » September 9th, 2007, 6:50 pm

The special directors butt edition is due on DVD any moment now, and includes Stu Supremecy on DVD as well.

Stus I will be sending you copies, check your mail.

Leeroy will get Viva and the two together, stu will get two copies of the Double Flatch Feature.

The WWIII SDB Edition (Special Directors Butt) has been released, and below is a list of changes from the original film.

-Fixed audio (Medal of Honor music) at beginning and transitions.
-Edited beginning scenes to remove glitches and speed pace up
-Sped up scenes occurring before Stuboy enters the film (the fight at the paintball place).
-Sped up Chinese car stop scene
-Fixed problems in camp fire scenes, which included better editing and removal of some unnecessary lines.
-Fixed transition and big black spot near end of film before final battle.
-Sped up pace of final battle, it runs quicker now but isn't as slow duh.
-Fixed end credits and re-laid audio so it won't glitch in the new version.

Stu Supremacy will not be changed, and is just fine as it is.

Hea hea!
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Postby leeroy_t » September 17th, 2007, 11:04 pm

The movies arrived today, I watched Viva Las Stuboys but I have yet to watch the entire WWIII remastered.

Viva Las Stuboys is pretty good considering its not a real movie or anything.
I like how there arent too many long boring scenes and the movie flows pretty well.
As usual the sound quality is probably what lacks the most, you need to get a wireless microphone Stu.

Christopher, your British accent sounds more like an Australian accent. Cole Flatch!

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Viva Las Stuboys and WWIII/Stu Supremacy

Postby Kaing of Kaings » September 23rd, 2007, 7:48 pm

The Flagstaff premiere of Viva Las Stuboy's went well. I agree with Leeroy that the movie flows well and Stuboys editing is definitely improving. We couldn't get much in the way of a story because it was a mockumentary and yes the sound needed help in some areas. Otherwise, this is one of UBSTUdios better documentaries.

WWIII looks good in it's new format besides some freezing points transfered from the original. The movie would have benefited with a script.

Stu Supremacy looks good but after making Melonhead Vision, it looks like WWIII did after we made the Stu Supremacy. We are definitely making better films than before but that doesn't mean we can't make better. Anyway. HEA>
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