Squelch finally near the end

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Squelch finally near the end

Postby TheStuboy » September 15th, 2005, 9:57 am

The end is in sight for the Wilkins Peak Production, sources at the post production facility said Wednesday.

Editing has finished aside from a few dialogue recordings and some scary music needed.

-see edit-

Shortly thereafter, the page will arrive online with the poster (pictures to be taken on or around Oct 1.) and a short preview much the same as SV2's preview for it's DVD release.

Check Wilkins Peak Studios section of the site in a month or so!

-edit- Squelch is not done yet, we apologize. Our workload increased with a few school projects and those are priority. Squelch's release date now has been set for mid October. Also, the Taco Music video may get pushed back as well, but it's progress is going very well with it being over half way done. -/edit
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