Huey Lewis and the News/Chicago

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Huey Lewis and the News/Chicago

Postby Kaing of Kaings » June 25th, 2006, 2:12 pm

Last weekend, my woman and I were in Phoenix for the Huey Lewis/Chicago concert. The concert was outside and started around 7:30. It was still hotter than a sweaty butt hole in Mississippi. We were breaking into a sweat even when it was dark outside and these huge airplane propeller fans above us were on at full speed. I don't know how anyone can stand living in PHX. Its only nice down there in the winter when you can actually go outside. That 100 degree plus crap is for the birds.

Anyway, Huey stared the concert. He came out on stage with his shades on and said, "Hello Everyone, I'm Huey Lewis." He then said as he pointed in my direction, "Who is that kid sitting up in the seats over there with a bad case of sweaty nut sac. Are you in Coleflatch?" I said "Hell Yea." He was like "Get your ass up on stage, we need a new guitar player since ours got diarrhea from eating at McDonald's."

I went up stage and I played guitar so good, flashed my dorky head smile, and Stunk up the Dance floor with my singing, Huey hired me on to continue the rest of his tour. So now im typing to you from Baggs, Wyoming where the next show is tonight.

Anyway, Huey and the News did all of their hits except they didn't sing "Hip to be Square" or "Do you Believe in Love". They did sing, "Back in Time" and "The Power of Love" along with "It's Alright". They did the "It's Alright" in A-Capella. Overall, Heuy did a good job except he kept on losing his voice. He would try to sing too hard and his voice would go out. You could tell he was struggling. He did get the audience going good though and some long cool woman in a black dress wanted to do him and she kept on standing up in front of me and dancing. I kept on thinking she was going to flash him too which would of been a nice addition to the evening of music and fart fun. Overall, I would give Huey Lewis and the News 3.4 stars out of 4.


"It's hip to be Kang....I mean Square"
P.S. That's me in the back ground with the red shirt playing guitar. CCCColeflatch.

Next, Chicago came out on stage and began to stink up the place. They started with "Make me Smile" and played all the songs after which connect in the original album. When "Colour my World" came up, Huey Lewis came out and sang it and his voice had some what returned. The next song was the, "I'm a Man" song and Huey was singing on that one too. The thing is, he screwed up and started to early. He abruptly cut himself off, turned to the drummer and pointed at him, and then started at the right place. It was kind of funny although I bet he was embarrassed. Chicago then played some songs from their new album Chicago XXX (30). The audience was pretty silent to them and the songs were more along the lines of their Kanger songs.

When they played that song, "We can make it better" they mentioned that the song was written in 1972 when Vietnam was going on and unfortunately it is still relevant today. They played all their classics and ended with "25 or 6 to 4" which was super loud. My ears were ringing after it. There were parts of the Chicago concert where their voices were drowning out each other but it was still good. I would give it about 3.375 stars out of 4. It would of probably been better indoors and not in the heat.


"Damn it Huey. If you keep on screwing up and farting on stage, we are going to get that guy from CCColeflatch to come up here and take your place."
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