Damn Call of Duty Dreams

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Damn Call of Duty Dreams

Postby TheStuboy » April 29th, 2006, 12:35 pm

I can count at least 9 dreams in my dream journal that take place in the game Call of Duty and/or Call of Duty 2.

I know, I probably play the game way too much, but I'm still unsure why my subconscious likes to dream about the game.

Three of my dreams have taken place in the same level at the exact same spot and each time I am doing almost the same thing. One of my favorite servers (RIP) had a mod where you could climb buildings and this allowed you to get behind the map where you normally couldn't go. The map is Stalingrad and there is a tall bombed out building that is perfect for sniping. This is where I used to go a lot and is where I continue to go in my dreams.

Other than the fact that I can't figure out why I dream the same dreams, I usually enjoy the COD dreams given that the game itself is fun too. Anyway, I had two new dreams last night to add to my dream journal.
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