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Postby TheStuboy » April 20th, 2006, 8:12 pm

This is a special announcement that governs the rules to post dreams.

Since this is the Ubstudios forums, we do not care about word usage, so feel free to tell us anything you wish, just as long as it relates to dreams.

This forum, if you haven't noticed by now, can only be accessed and even read by members. This was done for your privacy. You wouldn't want some stranger from some foreign country reading your dreams now would ya?

Anyway, feel free to post anything and everything related to dreams in this section of the forums.

Below is a list of some great sites you should check out if you are interested in dreaming as much as I am. LD4ALL can help you have what are called Lucid Dreams, which means you control every aspect of your dream, the only limit being your imagination. Since visiting this site, I have had many LDs and they are awesome. This site can be a bit tricky to access and often loads slow but is my perferred dream dictionary site on the web, simply because it has almost everything about what you dream about, do a search and see what something in your dream means!

More sites may come as time passes, but these two are the best source of dream info you can find.

Now, go on, post a dream and let us interpret it!
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