Stardust lands safely, I am unable to capture it coming in!

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Stardust lands safely, I am unable to capture it coming in!

Postby TheStuboy » January 15th, 2006, 3:20 pm

Sorry to dissapoint all of you but the weather here this morning was terrible for a bit, unfortunately it was too cloudy and foggy (and snowy) to see Stardust hit the west desert from here in SLC. I was out though, I drove to a remote part of a road by the Red Butte Gardens and set my camera on the roof of my car. A cop came by and asked what I was up to, and I told him I was filming Stardust. He said okay and left. I let the camera record from 2:50-3:05 and caught absolutely nothing. I was aiming it in the wsw direction of the UTTR but didn't see any fireball. I suspect the mountains and fog etc were in the way. No meteor scatter reported either, although the radio did have some unusual FM flutter right when Stardust was supposed to be coming in.

At least the capsule landed safely, I watched a few minutes of NASA TV after the fact and they took quite a while to find it with Infrared cameras etc. Good luck with the studies and stuff NASA. Looking forward to another probe crashing into the Earth in 2010.
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