Elton John and Billy Joel - Face 2 Face

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Elton John and Billy Joel - Face 2 Face

Postby Kaing of Kaings » March 29th, 2009, 5:36 pm

.....and Butt to Butt.

Last Thursday on March 26, 2009, my woman and I had the pleasure of seeing Elton John and Billy Joel in concert. This was the second time we have seen Billy Joel and the first time seeing Sir Elton Gomps.

The concerts started off with two pianos emerging from the stage. We then had an American introduction for Billy Joel and a British one for Elton John. Then then sat down and rocked out a couple songs on their pianos. These guys still have their voice and piano playing skills after all these years although Billy Joel has lost his hair and he seemed a little more chubbier this time around.

After blasting through some of their hits trading verses, Billy Joel went back stage and Elton had the stage for himself. He played most of his hits, I'm Still Standing, Crocodile Rock (probably my least favorite song), Tiny Dancer, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road....pretty much most of the hits.

Then Elton John went away for a while and Billy Joel came out. He opened with the same song he did at the last concert 3 years ago but I think he played some that he didn't play last time. He played a song called Zanzibar for Mohammad Ali who was in the audience. He must live in Phoenix because my friends at work saw him at the David Copperfield show. Anyway, Billy Joel was excellent and even rocked on the guitar to "We didn't start the Fire".

After that, Elton John came back on stage and they played together again. Songs included "The Bitch is Back", "Guess That's Why they Call it the Blues", "Piano Man", and "Good Bye Norma Gene".

The concert ended where it seemed like they would do an encore but it didn't happen. They must of been worn out after doing a concert over 3 hours. They went back stage to play a game of sweaty nut sac.

Now only a couple bitches about this excellent concert and I will be done. The concert was at the US Airways Center in Phoenix where the Suns play. I don't know why it is but they designed their halls stupidly. If you wait in line to get expensive food, you block the main flow path of people walking through the building. If there were a fire there, we would all be fucked.

Another rant I have is Stupid People. It seems like there is a "Universal Law of Stupidity" stating that when we go to a concert, we shall have to sit by stupid, drunken, and obnoxious people. This concert was not the exception. There was a group of about 6 or 7 people in front of us who were older relics of the hippie age. The stupid ladies had to talk loud and kept on switching seats. Finally they moved to the edge of the upper floor so they were farther away, but one lady kept on swinging her hips into the poor lady sitting next to her forcing the lady to move. People are rude and stupid at concerts and that shouldn't be allowed. Have fun but not at the expense of others.

I guess the one last rant was that it was too loud during the end. I couldn't understand what Elton Gomps was saying sometimes and the loudness blew up the stage.

Overall though the songs were memorable and Elton and Billy are musical geniuses. They still have their musical touch unlike so many other aging artists and bands. I hope these guys keep on going for a while. I give the concert 4.75 stars out of 5. Good times, Great Music, Shitty Concert Goers.


Elton, "The next time you screw up one of my songs, I am going to declare ball wars on you under the stage."

Billy, "And the next time you screw up one of my songs, I will fart in your changing room."


Minutes later, an actual ball warz did break out between Elton and Joel. The press were watching and got caught in the act. A couple of balls were injured.
Harry: " Whoa, Jesus, Check out the butt on that one."

Lloyd: "He must work out."

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