Aimee Mann and Marc Cohn in Concert

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Aimee Mann and Marc Cohn in Concert

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 22nd, 2008, 12:16 am

A day after the Heart-Journey Concert, we were treated to another concert. This time it was one of my favorites, Aimee Mann, and someone whom I know only by one song, Marc Cohn. The concert was at the nice outdoor amphitheater at Deer Valley Ski Resort just outside Park City (I always thought Park City was right off I-80, but I was wrong.

Anyway, the concert opened with Aimee Mann (I was hoping she would headline but that was for Mark Cohn). She opened up by singing songs off her new album @#&% Smilers which reflects her usual sarcastic style. She then played some of her older songs including songs off of the Magnolia soundtrack and the song "Save Me" which one an Oscar. She also sang a song off her first solo album "Whatever" which was pretty good.
After the concert, my brother and I got up close to the stage to see her play her last song. Some security guy grabbed Stu's arm and threatened to take him away for trying to take a picture while every other person had a camera and was trying to snap one. Anyway, the concert ended and she bolted off the stage and into the lodge. I can understand why she did that. The people in the crowd were kind of rude by walking right in front of the stage while she sang. The security only stopped people from doing that during her last song. Anyway the concert ended and I thought it was good. I give it 3.75 stars out of 4.


"Look at all of you with your cheese and wine. It must be rough. Now could you stop walking in front of the stage while I sing you yuppies."

Up next, Marc Cohn who is famous for the Walking in Memphis song took the stage and promptly took a dump. He started off like Aimee by playing songs off his new album. Some of his songs were ok, but for the most part, I didn't really get into them. I had gas during the concert so I tortured some of the poor souls sitting near our blanket with constant flatch.

Due to curiosity, my dad and I went to where they were selling CD's to see if Aimee Mann was there. We also went into the lodge to look for her. There was security all over and just as our trail was getting hot, some security guy was blocking the stairs up to where we thought she was. I played dumb and asked if he knew where they were selling CDs. He told me even though I already knew where they were. Such a nice security dude. Anyway, we went back to the CD table and some rich yuppie barged in and asked the poor girl selling the CD's a stupid question. He asked which Marc Cohn CD was the best CD to buy as if the girl behind the table knew. She pointed out that they were selling Mark's new CD but the dumb guy was like "No, I want the best CD of his you are selling." How the hell would seller girl know. That guy was an invalid. I felt like going up there and asking the equally stupid question of "Which album is his worst?"

We went back to the grass where we were sitting on blankets and he played his signature song, "Walking in Memphis". At that time, the lady in front of us said she could hear us talking more than she could hear Mark singing. While we were talking, it wasn't as loud as the people all around us and behind us talking. The night was getting darker and we figured it best be time to leave. Besides, we heard his signature song and didn't recognize anything else. We started leaving along with half the audience even though he was half way through his concert. Some concert goers got pissed at the people leaving so early and said, "Sit back down you pussies." I thought it was kind of funny everyone was leaving because they all wanted to hear the Memphis song and that was it. Anyway, we got away from the rich yuppies and survived to live another day. I give the concert 3 out of 4 stars, mostly for the funny experiences.


"Farting in Memphis, is pooping with my feet and ass off a 10 foot peer."

P.S. Stuboy has pictures of both the Heart-Journey Concert and the Aimee Mann-Marc Cohn concerts. If he puts up a review, you may just see some of the action we experienced. What a rocken weekend, minus the gas and yuppies.
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