Heart and Journey - In Concert at SLC

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Heart and Journey - In Concert at SLC

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 21st, 2008, 11:44 pm

On the evening of July 11, in SLC, My women, Wa's (Parents) and my bro and his friend attended the Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey concert at the USANA Outdoor Amphitheater.

The concert experience started off on a stu experience like going to major events usually do. Hind sight is 20/20 and in this case it is no different. We should of left an hour earlier to get to the concert because after waiting in traffic and having a Wa bathroom emergency, we ended up missing the Cheap Trick part of the concert (no big loss, while I like some of their music, they aren't my favorite). Heart was already playing and rocking out with their... you know what's out. We saw Nancy and Anne Wilson stink up the stage with most of their hits. They played most of their hits and even some Zeppelin and The Who.

Overall, It was a good concert but the acoustics of the amphitheater sucked and the volume was really loud. It didn't help that the place was crowded to and you couldn't see much close up. They didn't have the screens projecting close-ups of the singers which could be for two reasons, Anne Wilson's weight gain or the sun shining on the screens. I will leave the reason up to you. Anyway, not a bad concert but could have been better, 3.4 stars out of 4.


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The next concert up was Journey. I like Journey like Heart and consider them one of the greater 80's bands that gave me good memories as a kid just like Heart's music does. With Steve Perry gone, I wasn't too excited about Journey's come back. I heard the new guy was from the Philippines and could sing just like Steve Perry. I heard he was discovered on Youtube. I heard he looked like this.
Turns out, the guy does sound just like Steve Perry and he is young and energetic compared to his band mates. So during the concert it was like Steve Perry was up on the stage and possessing the young Filipino. I heard the guy (Arnel Pineda) sang at weddings and other events. I wonder if he sang for Art Hess' wedding because he got married in the Philippines.

They sang all their hits and rocked out pretty good. Toward the end, Arnel was kind of struggling (or at least losing some steam). To avoid the mass exidous that was sure to come after the concert, we left early and headed for the car. We could still hear them singing at our car and then we heard an explosion that originated from strange boys behind. Anyway, we made it out of there before all hell broke loose, and i'm sure it did. The concert was good but once again, too loud and the acoustics were terrible. Whoever was controlling the volume must of been an amateur because the guitar drowned out everything sometimes. I give this concert 3.5 stars out of 4. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night but we should of got their earlier.

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