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Los Lonely Boys - In Concert

PostPosted: August 25th, 2007, 2:33 pm
by Kaing of Kaings
My woman wanted to go an see Los Lonely Boys in concert since they were playing in town and we wouldn't have to drive to PHX. And so, last Wednesday we went with a friend to see Los Lonely Boys.

To start off with, I only know two of their songs but I was kind of interested in going. The guitar player is pretty good and the bass guy can jam like Hormel Chilly! Plus, they were playing at the new out door venue in town, the Pine Mountain Amphitheater. So on the grassy knoll, we sat and watched three brothers rock out.

The opening act was some hippie, Rastafarian reggay band. They were ok, but it's not my favorite kind of music. Then Los Lonely Boys came out and started rocking out with their....well you know what out. In the middle of the concert, the three brother's dad came out on stage and the sons were like, "Hey, here is our dorky dad. He would like to play a song for you" I started thinking about Coleflatch for some reason and striking similarities. He played Johnny Cash's, "I Shot a Man in Reno Just to Watch Him Die" song which was pretty good. I have never been a big country fan but I do kind of like Johnny Cash for some reason. Maybe because he isn't twangy and doesn't sing about his love for GWB.

Anyway, the dorky dad left the stage and they played a song that was like Coleflatch's "Granny". I was like, damn it, they stole my song. But the concert went on until the end when they played "How far is Heaven" which I can always imagine Dorky Dad under the lights playing the opening rift. Then I come in on the melody guitar and Stuboy starts jamming out on bass. It's a Coleflatch dream I have. They walked off stage and their dorky dad came out and was like, "I will see if I can talk to the boys and make them come out again." And so they came out again and did an acapella version of "More than Love" song which was a touching yet hea closing to the concert.

Anyway, despite having to go pee a couple times during the concert, it was pretty good music even if I didn't recognize all of it. If I could play guitar like the main guitarist, I wouldn't be doing what I do now for a living. That guy is good. I give the concert 3.5 stars out of 4.


"Zssave Me from this prison. Lee help me get away... Cause only Stuuu can save me now from this dorky scene.... How far is Milo, Ell, Can you tell Me.