Nickel Creek in Concert

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Nickel Creek in Concert

Postby Kaing of Kaings » April 26th, 2007, 10:09 pm

Last Tuesday my woman and I had the privileged to see Nickel Creek. They aren't the most famous band but they can put on a pretty good show.

We saw the show at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Flagstaff. This was the first time we had been in there. I must say, the acoustics aren't that good, (especially on the balcony) but what made the place worse is there is a bar downstairs where people kept on talking through the whole concert. You could hear people getting their orders, ice shuffling around and assholes talking loudly to each other in a drunken stupor.

Well, now that the negative stuff is out of the way, lets get into the concert.
It started off with some girl whom I never heard of playing songs I have never heard before and barely hearing her because people insisted on talking while she played. When she left the stage and Nickel Creek came on though, it got exciting. They started off with a song I recognized and jammed to it. It was a pretty good start. Toward the middle of the concert, the main singer, (Chris Thile) started talking about how he loved the Chicago Cubs and how even when you are feeling down, you a can always watch the Cubs and they make you feel better because they can't seem to win. He had some other jokes and one time the violin player, Sara Watkins, mentioned that the next song was off of their second album when the Chris guy was like, God, thats the second time you have screwed up on this tour. That song is off our first album.

They did an encore and played one of their most famous songs, "A Lighthouse's Tale". We were able to get up close since you can walk up to the stage (even though most of the people were there anyway). You could still get a good view. The band played real well and they harmonized like no other. Even with the bad acoustics of the building and idiots talking, they managed to sound good. They were all full of energy too and that seemed to translate out into the crowd. I would definitely see them again.

Overall, I give the concert 3.7 stars out of 4. Had the drunken assholes stopped talking during the concert, it would of been better. Definitely better than Eric Clapton's concert.


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Postby TheStuboy » May 28th, 2007, 11:33 pm

I saw them in Salt Lake earlier this month at the Abravenal (sp?) Hall, down across the street from the Stu Temple. After a stu drive, and dorky dad getting lost, we finally arrived at a parking garage half a mile from the hall, and we started walking. We arrived on time and wah had to do her usual go to the bathroom and take three hours before the concert started.

Jon Brion, who composed such films as Eternal Hea of the Spotless Milo, Gagnolia and Poohbutt Love, opened for Nickel Creek, and began by playing a song from Eternal Hea which I recognized. He then rocked out to some stuff I have never heard before, before doing an awesome job with Radiohead's "Creep". He used a lot of pedal power for his guitar and looped stuff, like wuss' pedal can do. It was cool. He then brought out the girl from Nickel Creek and she sang an awesome song which was originally written by the lead singer of the Kinks, but best known by the Pretenders version - I Go To Sleep. Check it out, you'll recognize it.

Jon then invited the other two members of Nickel Creek out, and they rocked out for another half an hour doing some pretty cool stuff.


Nickel Creek began playing some of their songs off of their first album, and about mid way, did "A Light Houses Tale."

Despite dorky owning most of their CDs, I had never heard most of their stuff, but I enjoyed it. This was their final show of their farewell tour, and I would see them again. This really isn't my type of music, but I loved how well these three (two are related) really knew their instruments down to the T, and could play anything and everything.

Towards the end, the concert kind of drug on, but it was still good. Jon came back on stage, and this is where it began to sag a little. They did a few covers (of which I can't remember) but some weren't the greatest of songs to begin with.

Nickel Creek gets 3.6 stars out of 4.

Abravanel Hall - Salt Lake City, Utah.

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