John Mayer/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

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John Mayer/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 6th, 2006, 4:46 pm

Last Wednesday, my woman and I had the pleasure to see John Mayer and Tom Petty in concert. Here is a review.

The concert was at the Glendale Arena which is a huge indoor arena where the Phoenix Coyotes play. The concert actually started on time with John Mayer coming out and rocking to a song off of his new album, Continuum. Some of the songs he played from that are actually pretty good. Some of his songs are about the War in Iraq and all the shit thats going down. He sang some of his other songs like, No Such Thing (I wanna fart through the halls of my high school...), and Why Georgia. He also sang Waiting off of his new album which is a good song. Most of the songs I didn't recognize but there was only a few that I didn't care for. Im glad he didn't sing, Your butthole is a Wonderland, or Bigger than my Ballsac gives me credit for...

When the concert started, it was pretty loud and i couldn't understand all the words John Mayer was saying. We were close to ground level but away from the stage so you could see John and his long hair but you couldn't see his facial expressions.

Overall, the experience was pretty good but there was some stupid drunk guy behind us yelling at somebody because they thought she was in there seat. Oh, and there was some Stu girl standing up in front of us that people had to yell, SIT DOWN, in order for her to sit. Stupid people as to be expected. I give John Mayer's performance 3.35 stars out of 4.

".....and when I stand naked on these tables before you. you will know what all this time is for....

Next up, was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. There was about a 30 minute wait between John Mayer and Tom Petty and I figured Tom was taking a massive dump before he went on stage. Lord knows that's what I would want to do if Coleflatch performes at big concerts.

Anyway, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have many names. For example, i've heard them called, Tom Petty, Tom Petty and the Fartknockers, Traveling Wilburies and Abe's Butt to name a few. Anyway, Tom came out on the stage and started rocking. He seemed a little stiff and his long blond hair was blocking his face. He went through all of his hits and sang some ones I have never heard from either. About two songs in, he sang, Mary Jane's Last Dance. At that instant, a 50+ year old man sitting two seats a way from me decided to light up a joint right there. I could smell it pretty strong and for a while, it seems like I was getting a contact high. The audience was singing so loud to Tom Petty's songs that I couldn't hear Abe's Butt himself.

Anyway, the concert went on and Tom Petty stopped to introduce the Fartknockers and then he said.."Well, there has always been one honorary Heartbreaker....Stevie Nicks!" The crowd went wild as Stevie Nicks took the stage wearing black as usual. She came out and sang that "Stop Draggen my Heart Around" song and some others. She was up there for several songs and the crowd just loved her. When she would sing, she seemed a little dizzy.

Towards the end, Tom seemed like he was tired or stoned or maybe both. He was generally stiff and I must say, this concert didn't have as much energy as Billie Joel's concert. Some of Tom's songs dragged on and there was a new one called Mystic Eye that I really didn't care for. Anyway, I give the concert about 3.4 stars out of 4. It was entertaining but I was tired as well and would of probably enjoyed it more had I been more awake.


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Stevie Nicks. Just minutes before her blanket attacked her on stage.
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