Flaming Faggot, I mean Gorge Days with Everclear and Tesla

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Flaming Faggot, I mean Gorge Days with Everclear and Tesla

Postby TheStuboy » June 26th, 2006, 5:24 pm

Given that I work for the shitty of GR, I got to see all of the Flaming Gorge days events first hand, not to mention pick up after the stupid citizens of this town who just can't get it through their head that the trash can is only 10 feet away, and it would only require 3 calories to walk over there and throw away your cans and shit.

Despite the trash afterwords, I did get a relatively good seat for each of the concerts, Eversmear and Tesla. Now onto the review of each

Everclear was absolutely....terrible. I was dissapointed by their drunkeness and forgetfullness of lines as well as singing off key. Their lead singer was smashed prior to the concert starting and it showed when he forgot the lines to "AM Radio." This also could be because he is a beatforce in training and my radio station KUDX was screwing up at that exact moment. I figured that the minute he screwed up, I started playing a Tesla song on KUDX.
Anyway, once he admitted to his mistake of screwing up (a new feature in some beatforces) he proceeded to crappily continue the song.

I don't think I've ever seen a concert this bad where the singer was terribly off key, and had a general oh well, they are all drunk anyways attitude as Everclear had. Thankfully the concert was only 45 minutes long.
I managed to film "I will buy you a new life" from a distance since the stu security guards would have beaten me for filming the concert. Overall, it wouldn't have been worth it to film the concert in the first place. Eversmear gets 1.9 stars out of 4 because they sucked like the trash we had to clean up afterwords.

Art Malik, the lead singer, when he isn't wasted.

Anyway, now on to the super 80s butt rock band TESLA WUAAAAHHH.
Telsa's singer sounds like the guy from AC/DC, only with his nuts squished. I was honesly astonished when they sang their first song and I heard his voice for the first time. He then gave a shoutout to me since I had front row standing space and was wearing a City of GR shirt. He even invited me on stage and told his fat bass player to take a hike stating that he smoked and farted too much, and that I would less likely stink up the trailer after the show. So I rocked out to songs I've never heard before and some that I vaugely recognized.
The only thing I could find wrong with the Tesla concert was that it ran a bit too long, two freaking hours. The first and middle third of the concert was good, despite what my stu coworkers say, but the last third just drug on with covers from the likes of hendrix and gayc/dc. I give Tesla 3 out of 4 stars for stinking up Stratton Myers Park and for shouting fuck after ever song. They aslo flipped off the audience during "Sign Sign everywhere a sign."

Minutes before the arena got stunk up and hurricane force winds took down the Tesla sign you see.

The Guitar player plays Granny by Coleflatch by my request, then is eaten by his hair.

Another interesting and hilarious event that just happens (unexpectively) to be the first Ubstudios Softcore Porn video was filmed Saturday evening.

At least two couples were out in the far reaches of the grass and were doing some pretty illegal and crazy stuff, most of which I filmed in pure nightvision style. From the city trucks and my camera's LCD screen, we watched as a guy gave a girl something he shouldn't have but she seemed to like. You guys know what I'm talking about and it is blatenly obvious on the video.

You then see one of my coworkers (who is a stu) walk by and it breaks up the hot action that was happening.
I give the porn movie 4 out 4 stars for my excellent filming and the unrehearsed action like this frame (from the actual video) you see below.


Here is Tesla's song list they played Saturday evening taken straight from the tesla message boards. It appears some stus mosh pitted. No wonder I got trampled.

Comin' Atcha Live
Into the Now
Gettin' Better
Caught in a Dream
Heaven's Trail
Song & Emotion
Little Suzi
Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
I Just Want to Make Love to You (intro into.....)
Frank & Dave mixing it up acoustic and electric with a little bit of "My Guitar Gently Weeps" right into Love Song.
What You Give
War Pigs (Robbie on Drums)
Modern Day Cowboy - plus two super kang encore songs.
"I won, you losht, get ushed to it shon"
Danny Glovershh - Shhootersh.
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