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Billy Joel in Concert, A Review

PostPosted: April 4th, 2006, 7:37 pm
by Kaing of Kaings
Ell, my woman and I just saw Billy Joel in concert yesterday in Phoenix. It was a pretty damn good concert and show. It started off later than it was supposed to but that's because many stu's didn't show up till late and were still being seated. It was jam packed at the US Airways Stadium where the Phoenix Suns play. It was so packed; the fat guy next to me was taking half of my seat. His ass was literally spilling onto my seat.

Our seats were actually behind him at an angle but his grand piano rotated so we could see him pretty good some times. He would also get up and sing toward us and he pointed toward me and said, "You....get down here." I was like "Who me?" He was like, "Yea you, I need a Coleflatch guitar player stat because my guitar player just passed out." So I went down there and rocked the house.

Actually, that didn't happen but Billy was at a distance and he looked fuzzy from my view because my sight is getting bad but there were screens close by where we could see the action.

He played many of my favorite songs and even some I have never heard before. He liked to say "shit" a lot like, thanks for those who paid for shitty seats for coming....or "this song wasn't a hit but I don't give a shit"... or "don't take any shit from anyone". It seemed to me that he started off like most artists do, like oh damn, I have to play another show, but that quickly turned into enthusiasm and he was flinging his mike stand around and dancing around on stage. It was pretty funny.

The guy sure can play piano too. He was so good that while he was playing "I don't know why I go to Extremes" he was literally playing piano with his butt and the end of the song. During "Good Night Saigon" he had some dudes up on stage with their arms around their backs and there was a guy drumming in front of them. I think they were Vietnam Vets, it was pretty powerful. He even let one of his roadies come on stage and sing AC/DC's Highway to Hell and it was pretty good. Billy was playing electric guitar for that.

At the end, he did three encore songs and after each one he would get up and pretend to walk away and people would boo so he went back to the piano and they would cheer, then he would walk away and people would boo. It was all planned and the audience and Billy had a good time with it.

I would have to give this concert 3.85 stars out of 4. It was really good and i'm still thinking about it. I would definitely see him again and recommend him to any Billy Joel fan. The only problem I had were the seats were too close to each other and we didn't have the best area to sit at although we were closer than many people.


Billy: "I thought I was the Duke of Earl, when I made it with a red head girl in my Chevrolet"

PostPosted: April 5th, 2006, 1:30 pm
by TheStuboy
You never told me you got to see Billy Joel, god, the next concert I'll likely go to is the kang Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs here on campus because they are urging everyone to go, even if you don't like Ska and Kang music like it.