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PostPosted: July 10th, 2005, 6:41 pm
by Kaing of Kaings
Coleflatch has been churning out and burning new songs faster than you can say Sweaty Ballsac Traveling Burger King Farts. Some early reviews of the songs coming out are pretty good. Look for new break away hits like Prick Teaser, Our Own Constellation, and Fool's Gold. Also Dorky and Stuboy will have some of songs on this album. We may have so many songs that we can have two albums released at the same time. Don't forget KANG the Musical which is not to be taken seriously, but as a comedy about a Stuboy who soils his pants in Utah and gets the whole town wanting to bring him down.

Coming Soon,

In the Court of the Crimson KANG


KANG the Musical

PostPosted: July 10th, 2005, 9:40 pm
by Guest
ell, my wa saw night ranger and grand funk railroad at the outagamie county fair.