Halloween Haunted House 2006 Reviews

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Halloween Haunted House 2006 Reviews

Postby Kaing of Kaings » November 4th, 2006, 10:03 pm

My woman and I went to three Haunted House/Cornfields this last week. Here is what went down and what we thought.


The first Haunted Place we went to was down in Phoenix. The Haunted Corn Maze was put on by Tolmachoff Farms and here is the link below.


To start off, we walked through this winding maze with a bright light behind us. The bright light kept on getting dimmer as we walked away from it. The maze was going back and forth and nothing was there to scare us. For a minute there, I thought all the people hiding in the corn field had forgotten we were there.

No sooner I thought that then we saw a man in makeup standing in the maze in front of us. He walked down the maze and the man disappeared. We rounded the corner and knew he was there somewhere but he jumped out and scared us anyway. My woman got really scared and started screaming and dragging me through the maze. I started going one way, she started going another and I ran into a hay bale. The scary guy was like, where are ya goin' get back here. We finally went the right way.

As we continued, people kept on jumping out and scaring us. We went through this strobe light room and Mike Meyers jumped out and scared us. Toward the end, we could hear a chain saw going on in the distance. A girl came out and blocked our way. She was scaring my woman who was hiding behind me. We tried to pass but she wouldn't let us and kept on trying to scare us. Finally, she let us go through. We rounded the corner to an opening where a bright light was shinning. We couldn't see anything behind it when all of the sudden we heard a chain saw going off and Leather Face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out and chased us. I only caught a breif glimps before we started running. He chased us about 50 feet until we were out of the maze but the whole time he was on our tail and it was kind of scary.

Overall I would give this Haunted Cornfield about 3.5 out of 4 stars.


This is Similar to what we went through only it was night and haunted


The next Haunted House we went to was the Riordan Mansion which is an Arizona State Park in Flagstaff. The haunted tour was on the Monday before Halloween and we took the night one which started at 9:00 PM and lasted for an hour. The tour consisted of a lady dressed up in 1800s attire telling Halloween stories. Someone at the beginning of the tour farted and it stunk real bad. I think it was the Irish Catholic man who kept on asking if the Riordan Brothers were Irish Catholic...then he would say...they were good Irish Catholics. The tour started outside and progressed into the house.

While just outside the Mansion and inside, we could hear noises of things going on. Things would fall off of the fire place for no reason. Some of these events made my woman and I jump. At one point, the lights all went out and made a weird shuttering noise. This was of course all staged but it was effective. The lady told a mixture of true ghost stories and fake ones and some of them were interesting. At the end they made us run through these fake spiderwebs to get outside and the lady kept on saying, "They are coming to get you...run...run." We eventually escaped with only the Irish Catholic guy missing. I think the good Catholic ghost of the building abducted him.

I give this tour about 3.65 stars out of 4.


The Riordan Mansion in Flagstaff during the early 1900s.


Halloween night, we went to a Haunted House at the Jay Lively Center in Flagstaff which is where they have and Ice Skating rink. The Haunted House was $5 each for us and we had to wait about 15 minutes in a line of teenie boopers who were talking about teenie booper stuff. It was pretty cold outside too. Finally, we got at the end of the line and there were about 8 of us to go through at once. We had to put our hands on the persons shoulders in front of us and like a train, we were led through the haunted house.

There were a couple of good jumps and people pretend shinging each other. At one point, the lead lady who was only 2 people in front of me, walked right into this guy who I saw but apparently she didn't. He jumped out and scared my woman and some other people in our group. There was one cool room where all the walls were black with these glowing pastel colored things on the wall. At first it appeared there was no one in there and the next thing we saw were these guys in all black with the pastel things on. It was a cool effect. At one point, a guy in an electric chair was getting electrocuted and he jumped off and scared a couple people. We ended up in a steamy hall way and a guy jumped out and that was it. We came out by the Ice Skating rink and ended up outside. The whole experience was less than 5 minutes.

I was a little disappointed by this Haunted House because it was so short. There were a couple of jolts but overall, it was just too damn short. No one farted on this tour, that I know of, and no one was abducted at the end. If they would of made this longer and added more scares, this would of been a good haunted house. But under 5 minutes is kind of lame. I give this haunted house 2.5 stars out of 4. If it was longer, it could of been awesome.


This was not from the haunted house we went through but is shows the same spirit that all of the ghouls and goblins that were in the Jay Lively Haunted House. It shows the Friendly, Fast, and fun mood of everybody at the Haunted House.
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