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Scary Low Flying Jet Incident in Flagstaff

PostPosted: January 23rd, 2005, 2:18 am
by Kaing of Kaings
Today around 4:15 pm I was watching the Presidents show on the History channel recovering from the previous day of skiing and night at the bars. All of the sudden, I heard this jet engine sound getting louder and louder. It got so loud that it sounded like it was going to crash into my apartment complex. I quickly jumped up and ran outside to see where it was coming from and what it was. I was hoping to see a Godzilla plane fly over or something. I couldnt see anything. I looked around in every direction and still couldn't see anything. It might of flown beyond the peaks or south of town out of my view but it was still loud and slowly dimishing. What ever it was it got a bunch of people out in the streets looking for it and the people I saw didn't see what it came from either. Maybe they are testing some top secret new jet fighter from Luke Air Force base down in Phoenix. Remember, that is where those strange lights appeared in Triangular formation over the town and hovered there. There have been a couple strange lights seen at night but this incedent happend when the sun was still out. It was kind of scary and I thought WWIII was starting and I would have to go up and fight to get Green River, Wyoming out of Chinese control. Scary Reily.

PostPosted: January 23rd, 2005, 2:17 pm
by leeroy_t
elll, sounds like a good reason to call AH to see if anyone else actually saw it.

PostPosted: January 23rd, 2005, 9:05 pm
by TheStuboy
Hea hea, they've been flying what looks like Bombers over Laramie for the past week or so, they are really really low and loud too. Also, every year around the same time, blackhawks encircle the town and teachers get shot with crappy squibs and Patrick swayze is always here with emilio estevez and they go up to the snowies until they can plan an attack on the town. They call themselves the Wolverines or something to that effect.

Also, there is stiff acting and dorky special effects can be seen.

PostPosted: January 23rd, 2005, 9:32 pm
by leeroy_t
Ell, I saw these blackhawk helicopters the other day. hea hea!!! oh wait I was on the Marine Corp Base thats not unusual. doh!